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Jillian Michaels reveals 4 lame excuses keeping you fat!

Posted Mar 29 2010 9:30am


Jillian Michael, the hardcore personal trainer from “The Biggest Loser”, was on “The Doctors” show not long ago discussion some of the lamest excuses she had heard from clients and participants of The Biggest Loser that justified why they were fat, out of shape and eating themselves into an early grave.

Jillian Michael really didn’t have anything new to add that has not been written in most magazines and fitness blogs and fitness magazines as a way of getting people out of the fitness inertia, but hearing it from Jillian Michael takes a different twist because she does  NOT believe in sugar-coating her feelings.

Before going down Jillian Michael’s list of lame excuses keeping people fat, I want to share one of her quotes that shapes my life every single day:

“If you’re strong physically, you’re strong in every facet of your life.”

If you easily make excuses for not taking more definite action about your health and your life, let Jillian Michael’s list of lame excuses keeping people fat be a wake call:

Anti-weight-loss excuse #1 – No Time

“When you don’t have a lot of time to work out, the key is to make every second count,” Jillian instructs.

Anti-weight-loss excuse #2 – No Money

The Bartendaz prove you don’t need money to exercise. The Bartendaz burst onto the scene as positive role models for urban youth. The isometric, or resistance, exercises don’t require fancy equipment, a gym membership or any money whatsoever. And, they can be done anywhere!

The calisthenics movement is gaining momentum, and founder of the Bartendaz, Hassan Yasin, as well as fellow Bartendaz Brittany and Cody  perform onstage and show how easy it is to push, pump and pull your way to fitness.

>>> Watch Bartendaz in action and you’ll see that you can work out ANYWHERE:

>>>> Here’s a second video showing Bartendaz in action (it’s not quite clear what the founder is actually talking about, but those moves speak for themselves):

Anti-weight-loss excuse #3 – No Knowledge

Many people labour under a gross misunderstanding of food’s nutritional content, and don’t understand the fundamentals of how to lose weight. The numbers don’t lie: to lose weight, you must expend, or burn, more calories than you eat. It’s as simple as that. Oftentimes, healthy foods are prepared in an unhealthy way, which defeats the purpose! It’s time to take charge and be vigilant about what you’re putting into your body.

> Eating Out

If you’re in a restaurant, you need to ask how food is prepared. Green beans cooked in olive oil versus green beans cooked in butter are vastly different in their caloric and fat content.

“Be high-maintenance!” Jillian instructs. “Educate yourself! Ask for foods to be prepared differently. For example, ask for your vegetables to be steamed vegetables or have them prepared in olive oil.”

> Label Trickery

Make sure to read the labels on your food and understand the serving size, which is often much smaller than you think.

> Sweeteners

At only 16 calories a tablespoon, sugar is better for you than any artificial sweeteners, which are loaded with chemicals that can increase appetite and store fat.

Artificial sweeteners are what’s called an excitotoxin, and what they can do is re-train your metabolism to not recognize the calories in sweet foods,” Jillian explains. “In theory, according to several studies, they excite the part of your brain that controls appetite and release a hormone called neuropeptide Y that increases appetite and stores fat.”

Anti-weight-loss excuse #4 – No Motivation

1. Set specific goals. Why do you want to achieve your fitness or exercise goals? Write them down and keep them in mind every time you’re tempted to raid the fridge and cheat!

Make sure to set realistic goals,” Dr. Travis advises (main host of “The Doctors”).

2. Tell everyone you know about your goals – it holds you accountable to them.

3. Take before and after pictures — they’ll motivate you more than you think.

4. The revenge factor. Never underestimate the motivation derived from revenge.

“If you have an ex, or a high school reunion coming up – nothing beats the revenge factor!”

Jillian says with a laugh. “Then you can say, ‘Look what you missed out on, jerk!’”

Are you guilty of making these same excuses? Are you willing to change your ways and take your fitness more seriously?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me your thoughts below.

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