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January Currents

Posted Jan 08 2013 7:30am

I completely forgot to mention on yesterday’s post that a BIG event happened on Sunday, 1/6/13. My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary! 4-0 years. How insane is that?!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I will be celebrating the big milestone with them in March while we are on vacation together. Can.Not.Wait.


Yesterday my buddy Lauren, from Oatmeal After Spinning, posted a fun blog called Currently . I loved the idea and totally am copying it for today. It would be fun to see how these changes month to month, wouldn’t it? I can’t promise I will remember to do this each month so I won’t. ;) Lets just enjoy this month and see how it goes.

Currently: January

Current books: Uglies by Scott Westerfield. Yes, I am almost 33 and reading YA novels. What of it?!

Current music: I am obsessed with 3 songs right now.
-Scream & Shout by and Britney Spears
-Little Things by One Direction
-Sail by Awolnation

Enter video caption here

Current guilty pleasure:Prison Wives. I discovered it on Netflix and just can’t stop myself from watching.


Current nail color: Vamsterdam from OPI. I am still rocking the gel manicures!

Current drink: water, water, water. I’ve cut out the booze for a bit and I’m amping up the hydration.

Current food: Trader Joe’s Just Grilled Chicken with Sriracha. So easy, so hot, so good. Sometimes I add in a wedge of Laughing Cow, Braggs Liquid Aminos and garlic powder to make a sauce of sorts. It looks disgusting, but it tastes amazing!

Current favorite show: Top Chef! Love that show. I am constantly amazed at how quickly they can whip together these amazing meals out of the weirdest items.

Current wish list: A Magic Bullet. I need a personal blender. When I say need I really mean that I really really want it, but can totally get by without one. These shoes are also on my wish list. Heh.

Current needs: A pet proof trash can. Korky has developed a new habit in his old age and it involves driving me nuts by knocking over the trash can. Over and over and over.

Current triumphs: I sewed up my own tote bag !

Current bane of my existence: Leftover snow and ice. Every now and then I hit a patch of ice and it takes me by surprise. Plus, I almost kill myself on it.

Current celebrity crush: Joseph Gordon Levitt. Such a cutie patutie.

Current indulgence: Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

Current blessing: I have a million and one blessings. I have a wonderful family, set of friends, love, and dog!


Current slang: Okey Dokey Artichokey.

Current outfit: I’m writing this Monday night so I’m in a pair of duck pjs and a tank. I took a picture to show you but then I realized that this pair of pants has one too many holes in it. I promptly threw them away. Ugh…no I didn’t. I continued to wear them. Fail.

Current excitement: There are a few birthdays coming up, including my wonderful friend Karen!

Current mood: Motivated.

Current link: (just a little news watching ;) )


Have a great day! Let me know what your Current Music is. I’m on the lookout for some new songs for the ipod!

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