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January Cleanse/Weight Loss Week 2:

Posted Jan 06 2012 7:02pm

Hooray! We’ve made it through our first week of the cleanse! You have successfully:

  • Started your day with a cleansing drink of water and fresh lemon juice
  • Eliminated alcohol from your diet
  • Gradually reduced your caffeine intake to zero
  • Taken out refined sugars and HFCS
  • Taken out trans fat
  • Taken out gluten
  • Taken out dairy
  • Taken out GMO soy
  • Taken out GMO corn
  • Taken out peanuts
  • Cut your animal protein intake in half
  • Given yourself extra time to sleep, relax and reflect

Congratulations on everything that you have accomplished over the past week! This is a huge step towards nourishing your body with whole foods and giving it time to rejuvenate. As we head into this week’s vegan, gluten-free cleanse, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Exercise – This is not the time to begin or even continue an intense exercise regime. Your body will be lacking the energy that it needs to preform high-intensity cardio or weight-training. Please stick to walking, light cardio (like swimming, biking or the elliptical machine) and stretching or yoga. It’s beneficial to get outside and move your body in the fresh air, just not to the point where you’re gasping for air!
  2. Continue to drink your morning water with lemon juice. This is helping refresh and cleanse your insides.
  3. Allow yourself to rest more frequently if needed. You will probably feel more tired than usual. This is normal. Go with the flow and let your self take a nap and/or hit the hay earlier than normal.
  4. Drink plenty or water and herbal tea throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated and less hungry.
  5. LISTEN to your body. If you feel absolutely miserable and cannot even make it into work or school, reevaluate your cleanse. This is not meant to be an over-the-top, all green juice cleanse. It is designed to allow you to go about your normal routine and be able to preform your day to day responsibilities. If you need to add some animal protein back or other food back into your diet, feel free to. Make sure that it’s organic and start out with a small amount. Sometimes all you need is 2-4 ounces a day to start feeling more like yourself.
  6. If you have ANY questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment below. I am here to support you and help make this a positive experience for you.

Week 2

This week is the most hard-core cleanse week of the month. We will be eating vegan (which means no animal or dairy products) and will continue to abstain from caffeine, alcohol, gluten, refined sugar, trans fats, peanuts, non-GMO corn and soy and processed foods. Don’t worry, you will still be eating great-tasting food! Your options are only as limited as you make them out to be. I could feast for weeks or months on fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and healthy fats. You have plenty of delicious recipes and meal options to choose from.

Our goal this week is to give your body and digestive tract a break. Day in and day out, we subject ourselves to hard-to-digest foods. You could have a food sensitivity that you didn’t know about or your digestion could be compromised due to a lack of enzyme rich fresh vegetables. Whatever the case may be for you, put your normal habits aside and get ready for a week of clean eating.

There are detox symptoms that you may encounter during the first few days of this week. These are very normal and can happen to anyone embarking on a cleanse. You may experience headaches, tiredness, lack of motivation, hungriness or an overall “blah” feeling. It get betters! I promise that these feelings will pass and you will feel your most energetic and light after the next seven days.

Besides eating specific types of foods, here are some other ways to help detoxify your body:


Sauna and Steam Rooms

Our skin is exposed to hundreds of chemicals during the course of our life, and is affected by them. From innocent bath products such as shampoos, shower gels, lotions and soaps to deodorants. Household cleaning solvents, detergent residues on clothes and chemicals from the bath or shower water also affect the skin.

Regular use of the sauna gradually restores the skin’s elimination ability. Sweating removes toxic chemicals and metals faster than other detox method. It is a good habit that pays many health dividends.

The sauna’s benefits are numerous. Not least because it is so relaxing and leaves your body soothed and your mind serene. It’s main advantage lies in the fact that it promotes sweating, helping the body to rid itself of toxins. It is also believed that exposure of the skin to heat stimulates the production of white blood cells and strengthens the immune system. (source)


Baking Soda Baths

Detoxification of your body through bathing is an ancient remedy that anyone can perform in the comfort of their own home. Your skin is known as the third kidney, and toxins are excreted through sweating. A detox bath will assist your body in eliminating toxins, as well as absorbing the minerals and nutrients that are in the water.

1. Prepare your bath on a day that you have at least 40 minutes available, as the first 20 minutes are said to help your body remove the toxins, while the second 20 minutes are for absorbing the minerals in the water.

2. Fill your tub with comfortably hot water, using a chlorine filter if possible.

3. Add 2 cups or more (up to 16 lbs) of Epsom Salts, aka magnesium sulphate. This can be purchased in 3 lb bags or 1 lb cartons at discount stores in the garden center, or in the pharmaceutical area, or ordered from garden centers in 50 lb bags. It’s very inexpensive.

4. Add 1 to 2 cups or more of Baking Soda, aka sodium bicarbonate. This is said to help eliminate the chlorine in the water, as well as soften the water, and help the body to absorb the magnesium. Large bags can usually be found in the swimming pool chemical area, or the boxes from the bakery aisle will work fine.

5. Know that Epsom Salts and Baking Soda bath is a detox bath in, and of itself, other items can be added for further effects. Ground ginger, or fresh ginger tea both work quite well. The ginger is heating to the body and may cause your skin to turn slightly red for a few minutes, so be careful with the amount you add. Depending on the capacity of your tub, and your sensitivity, anywhere from 1 tablespoon to 1/3 cup can be added. Most people sweat profusely with the addition of the ginger, and if you wrap your body in a blanket immediately after getting out of the tub, you can continue to detoxify through perspiration for another couple of hours. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to rid the body of a bug of some sort, like the flu, or a cold.

6. Add aromatherapy oils; this is optional, but there are many oils that will help the bath to be a pleasant and relaxing experience, such as lavendar, or ylang ylang, or those that will assist in the detoxification process such as tea tree or eucalyptus. Around 20 drops is sufficient.

7. Swish all of the ingredients into the tub, and soak for as long as you can, preferably 20 minutes. You should start sweating within the first few minutes, and the longer the better, up to 20 minutes. If you feel too hot, start adding cold water into the tub until you cool off. Sit in the cool water another 20 minutes, if you can. When you get out of the tub, move slowly and carefully, as your body has been working hard and you may get lightheaded or feel weak and drained. (source)


Dry Brush

The skin is the largest elimination organ, it is known to be responsible for 10 to 15% of total body elimination, and is sometimes referred to as the third kidney.Dry skin brushing is a swift and powerful way to enhance the detoxification process . It’s easy, pleasant and yields tremendous benefits!

Not only does it improve the appearance of your skin by eliminating dead cells and helping new skin to regenerate, it also stimulates blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and greatly enhances toxin elimination.
In addition, the massaging effect of the bristles is known to be highly beneficial for eliminating cellulite.
Brushing the skin gently stimulates the lymphatic system and is considered to be one of the best natural lymphatic cleansers available.

The lymphatic system is composed of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs. Part of the body’s defense system, the lymph nodes remove microorganisms and other foreign substances. They act as a filtration system that keeps particulate matter, such as bacteria, from entering the bloodstream.

Stimulating the lymphatic system through skin brushing will activate all of the above functions as well as encourage blood circulation and cell regeneration. Both actions promote detoxification, weight loss and cellulite reduction, as well as improve body tone and skin radiance. (source)


Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is composed of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs. Part of the body’s defense system, the lymph nodes remove microorganisms and other foreign substances. They act as a filtration system that keeps particulate matter, such as bacteria, from entering the bloodstream.

Stimulating the lymphatic system through manual lymphatic drainage will activate all of the above functions as well as encourage fluid circulation and cell regeneration. Both actions promote detoxification, facilitate healing and support the immune system.

“The lymphatic system has a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system, which protects the body against infection. It transports nutrients to cells and eliminates metabolic wastes, toxins and excess fluids from the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is also a very effective way of detoxing the body plus stimulating vital immune defenses. This is a powerful, deep cleansing treatment.” Explains David Goddard, ND

Manual Lymphatic Drainage benefits are numerous and include:

  • Clearing areas of congestion such as swollen ankles, puffy eyes and swollen legs
  • Promotion of scar tissue healing, torn ligaments and sprains.
  • Post-operative healing
  • Swelling relief following plastic surgery
  • Treatment of lymphedema and other conditions arising from venous insufficiency
  • Improving chronic conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis, acne and other skin conditions
  • Deep relaxation




Contrary to popular ideology, forgiveness is not something to be reserved for those who have earned or deserve it. Nor is forgiving about forgetting someone’s tendency to hurt you, or giving them permission to mistreat to you again.

Forgiveness isn’t even for those who wronged you. It’s actually for you. When you release your grip on the painful past, you free up your energies for joy and new focuses. You have no control on how your “perpetrators” conduct themselves moving forward, but you can choose how you want your life to go.

If you want to stay healthy, do yourself a favor and cut the cord of resentment and anger. It doesn’t improve what happened, and it just keeps you stuck in the past. Clear out that toxic energy and lighten up your load. (source)

Now, onto this week’s meal plan. I have designed a guide for your to use for your daily meals. I know that some people work and some people stay at home each day. I know that some people love to cook and some people would rather just pick something up at the store to eat. Use this menu plan as your guide and choose the food options that work best for you and your lifestyle. We are trying to make this cleanse as effortless as possible.

Week 2 Daily Meal Guide:

Upon Rising: 16 ounces of water with 2 Tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

Breakfast: Green Smoothie feel free to use this recipe as a template to make your own based off your favorite greens, vegetables and fruits

Snack: Fruit & Nut Bar or a LARABAR (non-chocolate or peanut flavored kind)

Lunch: Salad Lots of fresh veggies and beans, rice or quinoa

Snack: 1-2 cups fresh vegetables and ¼ cup hummus or store-bought

Dinner: Vegan Soup or pick up a fresh vegetarian soup at the store

Post-Dinner: Cup of herbal tea

* I do not recommend canned soups due to the preservatives. If you have a natural grocery store like, Whole Foods, near by, you can buy one of their vegetarian soups at the hot soup bar. Just make sure that it does not contain gluten or dairy.

Reminder: use this week to be extra gentle to yourself. Do not put any expectations upon yourself. Go with the flow of things. Don’t get upset with yourself if you slip up or something doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to. It’s important to be especially kind to yourself this week. Put some fresh flower by your kitchen sink, light a candle next to your bathtub, read your favorite book before bed, schedule a massage for yourself or ask your significant other to give you one, remind yourself of things that you’re good at, use your “good” lotion after the shower (the one that smells delicious) and remind yourself that you are doing an excellent job of taking care of your health.

If you need extra sleep this week, please go ahead and sleep. Sleep allows your body to detoxify and regain energy. I suggest going to be an hour earlier than normal and taking naps if your schedule allows.


I will be posting recipes that will work for week 2 of our cleanse tomorrow. I’m feeling a bit under the weather tonight and want to feel more refreshed before putting the recipe post together.

Have a great night and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with recipe ideas for the coming week.

Happy cleansing,



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