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J K Adams MWR B12 N Hardwood 12 Bottle Wine Rack Natural

Posted Aug 19 2010 9:04am

J K Adams MWR B12 N Hardwood 12 Bottle Wine Rack Natural

The nice thing about this system is that it is expandable. Kind of like tinker toys you can build tall or wide, depending on the space requirements. The octibeam construction cradles bottles securely, and the design is clean and functional.

3 Stars Poor sizing
Not bad for the price, however several of the drill holes were poorly aligned in some of the rods. Four were totally unusable because they fit together at awkward angles so the layer didn’t come out anywhere close to flat. Another four were too misaligned for use on a bottom row (it wobbled a bit) but I was able to use them on the top. All in all that means only half of the provided rods (in the 12 bottle kit) were drilled perfectly level. Additionally they claim that the support rods are made to be a little bit bigger then the holes so they fit together without glue, however I found that was only true for about half of them. At least with the support rods they provided extra though so it wasn’t too big of deal.

What I have left though is sturdy, looks good and wasn’t too expensive. I’d suggest buying a little more then you think you need unless you’re fine with a little wobble in your rack.

1 Star “Assembly Required” – for sure.
Maybe the wood was in a high humidity area near the coast, but this was really hard to fit together despite rubber mallet and a real hammer. Be prepared to have the neighbors complain about the banging if you live in an apartment. While it does say natural, the picture suggests the big pieces have some sort of finish but it is bare wood. Would not buy again but in its favor – can be configured in other formats pretty easily. PS: the narrowest cabernet bottles can slip between the big pieces.

5 Stars Probably a reason why this is the most popular wine rack out there
It’s awesome in pretty much every way. Does not look tacky. I configured it for a weird shelf in my kitchen and it worked beautifully. Gets the job done.

4 Stars Solid and basic
As advertised, very solid, fit together well. Compared with the diamond-shaped corner pieces from other manufacturers, this holds the spindles well. Nice and tight after assembly.

5 Stars 12 Wine rack
Bought 2 J.K. Adams MWR-B12-N Hardwood 12-Bottle Wine Racks, Natural They are exactly what we needed Practical, inexpensive, solid

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