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iTRAIN Fitness Program: get your own Hollywood personal trainer

Posted Jun 24 2009 7:01pm


What would you say about working out with Hollywood personal trainers to the tune of some of the hottest music today in anywhere in the world?

Now what it I told you it wouldn’t have to get a second mortgage on your home or sell organs … did I pique your interest?

Well, I know I was equally fascinated when I found about iTRAIN.

A lot of people have had to give up their personal trainers because of these hard economical times and if you don’t feel that you have the motivation necessary to train on your own and get positive results, this might be the second best option for you. is a digital workout that you can download on your favourite MP3 or iPod. This brilliant fitness concoction was created by two people who have been working in the Hollywood celeb scene for a very long time.

Co-founders Grace Lazenby (a fitness expert with 15 years of experience in the Hollywood training industry) and Sebastien Reant (an entertainment industry executive) have created a complete of different workouts that will challenge every one of your fitness levels. offers customized fitness programs that combine Hollywood personal trainers & kick-butt music.

You can watch a quick video explaining the program here:

So why do I like so much?

The reason why is my personal favourite is because it doesn’t limit your workout to weight training. Strength training is certainly important and I’ve been a devotee to lifting weights for almost one decade now, but I also mix up my workout and include climbing, skipping rope, boxing and spinning. When I’m really good, I also even include Pilates on a regular basis (unfortunately I wasn’t good in 2007 and I kind of gave up my Pilates sessions). combines the following workouts to give your body the jump start in needs to make this year your best fitness year to date:

1. iTread: Running, walking or jogging training sessions.

2. iCycle: Spinning/cycling101 lessons.

3. iClimb: How to use the elliptical or stair climbing machines for maximum results.

4. iRow: This 60-minute workout on the rowing machine will leave your body lean and strong.

5. iStrength: This workout will show how to properly execute your weight training workout exercises.

6. iSculpt Traditional: This workout is designed to help you decrease your body fat.

7. iSculpt: Ballet dancers have some of the most incredible bodies. This workout will show you how to use certain ballet moves to shape, tone and sculpt.

8. iStretch Combo: This is a fusion of yoga, pilates and dance conditioning.

9. iStretch: This workout focuses on the power of yoga.

You’ll also find a training session on hip hop dancing and one on boxing.

The fees for these iTrain workouts are very affordable:

1) You can buy each one of them for only $0.99 USD per fitness program.

2) You can be part of the iTrain “Monthly Motivator” for $9.99 USD/month

3) Or you can jump straight ahead with their “Resolutions Package” for $79.99 USD for 12 months.

Here’s a last tidbit, “Dirt” and former “Friends” star Courtney Cox uses the iTrain program to keep up with their training!

If you are interested, you might want to take a look at their current promotion where you get three months of workouts for $44.99 and get the fourth month completely free! You’ll find the details here: iTRAIN monthly motivator package (Click Here)

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