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it starts with food {book & challenge}

Posted Jun 22 2012 8:44am

i recently found 2 blogs that i am absolutely smitten with:

both of these blogs are paleo, but more focused on the womanly side of paleo. i did not even know that paleo had a womanly side until recently.

recently both of them  reviewed It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways . this book is based on a popular paleo plan called “the whole30″ that is supposed to reset your body through nutrition. it’s a strict paleo plan that you follow for 30 days. anyway, i bought the book and it arrived in the mail yesterday.

i also had an horrible stomach day yesterday. so i am going to try the whole30. why not, right?

  • no: added sugar at all (including stevia) & alcohol
  • no: seed oils
  • no: grains & legumes
  • no: dairy
  • no: white potatoes (!)
  • eat: meat, seafood, eggs
  • eat: veggies and fruit
  • eat: good fats, including avocados, some nuts (best are cashews, hazelnuts, macademias), olives, animal fats, coconuts

i haven’t even finished the book but i will certainly write a review when i do.

what sucks so far (erm, 10 minutes in):

  • i am having decaf coffee (regular is allowed, but they say you shouldn’t have to have it – and i kinda do)
  • i am having black coffee (no milk or sweetener of any kind, including stevia)

*btw those are affiliate links to the book.

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