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It's Time to Fit Yo Pants!

Posted Oct 16 2012 10:23am

We all have that one pair of pants that used to fit us, but are now just a little too tight to squeeze into. Or maybe they zip, but they just don’t fit like they used to (muffin top?). I know I have a couple pairs like that. Before you retire them for good (and shell out your hard-earned cash for new ones), we’re going to give one last, concerted effort to fit into them with the Fit Yo Pants Challenge!

Here’s my promise: If you give me some energy and focus and put in WORK, we’ll have you fitting into yo pants by December 1 (just in time for the holidays).

You in? Here’s how it works*

  • Pick a pair of goal pants by Friday, October 19.
  • Email me a picture of you in them, as far as you can get them on (your face can absolutely be obscured) by October 19 at midnight EST.
  • Make a definitive decision that you WILL fit yo pants by December 1, but stay away from them until then! They don’t fit right now, yo.
  • Stay tuned to the blog for tips, recipes, and advice throughout the rest of October and November.
  • On December 1, you’ll try the same pants on again. If they fit, send me another email of you in yo (now fitting) pants.
  • All the successful Fit Yo Pantsers will be entered to be randomly selected to win a $100 Amazon gift card (furnished by yours truly). But you’re only entered to win if you FIT YO PANTS, so you have to take the next month and a half seriously!

Some tips for the Fit Yo Pants Challenge:

  • For your challenge pants, pick a pair that ALMOST fit, but maybe don’t quite zip, or don’t really sit right, or give you a lil muffin top.
  • Don’t pick a pair that are clearly more than one size too small. It’s completely unrealistic to drop more than a pants size or two in 6 weeks.
  • If you own pants that are more than one or two sizes too small, please consider donating them!
  • Take this challenge seriously! For the next six weeks, you’re going to be focused on fitting yo pants. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some treats here or there, but we’re going to have a serious talk about getting rid of treats that aren’t special or aren’t making you feel good (more on that to come).
  • In addition to being entered to win $100 for fitting yo pants, you’ll also be saving the money you’d spend on new pants… so keep that in mind!

So, are you in?! I think this challenge will be an awesome way to spend the next month and a half, so I hope you’re excited! I’m going to be posting Fit Yo Pants tips, recipes, and advice at least a few times a week, so keep checking back here. Get ready to FIT YO PANTS, people!

A note about why we’re doing this (for those of you that have some concerns that it sounds a little too close to a women’s magazine’s “Fit into Your Skinny Jeans Today!” type of headlines): I hate using scales to gauge health/fitness/weight. They just suck and are often completely inaccurate. But I do like having health goals, and I do like challenging myself to get back on track when I’ve been a little off. This challenge is one way to help us use something other than the scale to track progress. Plus, I really like being able to fit into my clothes (just sayin’). I don’t want this challenge to be just about aesthetics. It’s about setting a goal for yourself and reaching it (and feeling dang good about it).

*The fine print: Must be 18 or older to enter. Only valid to U.S. participants. Prize value $100. This giveaway isn’t associated or sponsored by Tumblr. When you submit your photos, you’re releasing them to me, not Tumblr.

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