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It's Mother's Day. Support "Two Angry Moms"

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:13pm

In honor of Mother's Day, I'm again going to urge you to donate to the very worthwhile documentary project from "Two Angry Mom" Amy Kalafa and Susan Rubin.

If you support these two women, you will help them to reach two million moms or other interested people so that our nation's kids can be served better food in the schools. So, you may have a few questions as to why you should fund this project.

Here is an e-mail Q & A I conducted with the dynamic duo.

Why do you need to raise $40,000 and where does the money go? (Susan replies.)

"You make a good point. Most people do not understand anything about how a film gets made and why it would require any money.All the money goes to pay costs on the film. In the shooting phase, we have to pay for equipment, travel, camera people, audio recordists, a production coordinator, and videotape stock. My husband Alex and I have been doing a great deal of this work on our own. To date, we have filmed 80 hours of tape in 25 different locations!  We have about another 30 hours of taping to do in about 10 more locations, and all has to be done by June 17th.

"Then we move into the editing phase of the film -- a job that takes about 12 weeks of 12-hour days using a high end digital non-linear computer editing system (our estimate for this phase alone is $40,000).  NOT CHEAP. 

"And that's all before we even talk about rights for music, graphic design and the finishing work of transferring the digital material out of the computer and onto DVD and digital tape for screening. Then comes the work of marketing and distributing the movie nationwide...."

So after all this work, will you two make any money on this project? (Amy responds.)

"After all these costs are covered, then, and only then, Susan, Alex and I might get to pay ourselves for some the time we have spent researching, producing and promoting the project!!!! So far, I've contributed over 2,000 hours of my time to this cause, and I have used a great deal of my own money and resources as well.  I am tapped out and that's why we are making this appeal for help."
Do you have any ideas as to how you'll reach 2 million moms?
"The most effective way would be if EVERY mom sent  a note to EVERY mom on their email list. Please encourage everyone to pass it on. Also to blogs and newsletters."
Are there any other points you'd like to make?

"We will start to answer the question `Why is poor quality food so darn cheap?' and give strategies for changing that!"

Please give specifics as to what happens in September when the film is completed. (Amy answers.)

"Our plan calls for a theatrical premiere in major cities.  We'll follow the traditional route of entering the film in festivals and markets to find commercial distribution. However, I am most excited about our independent marketing plan that involves offering the film (for a fee) for use as a PTO, PTA or community fundraising event with a discussion afterward.  For an additional fee, Susan and I will make personal appearances at the events."
What's your deadline to raise the money?
"June 15th would secure the editing time, but we will continue to need funds as described above."

* * *

There you have it. You could be in on the ground floor of something really big.

As I mentioned previously a couple of times, I am hopeful -- heck, I predict -- that this documentary will become the new "Super Size Me."

So please donate now and make me a forecaster of good things to come -- as in better food for our children!

If you'd rather make your donation to the Two Angry Moms over the phone, just call (508) 748-0816 or email the benevolent Marion Institute indicating your interest at

Want to know more first? No problem. Just click here and you get to see some of the compelling footage they've already created.
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