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It Has Begun..

Posted Jul 16 2012 9:11am

Yes!! It has begun!! What exactly am I referring to? The countdown of my upcoming book: Letting Go Of Super Mom which will be released on August 7th, 2012!!

I’ve had many ask me if I’m excited. Honestly, it hasn’t truly sunk in. Although I’ve written several books, this is the first that was actually chosen by a wonderful Publishing Company –> Charisma House Publishing . Have I shared the story of how one of the editors,  Jevon Bolden ‘stalked’ me on social media? Well, I use the word stalked lightly because truthfully, isn’t that why so many are on social media, to build relationships in hopes for something more?

Truth be told, the very last thing that I was expecting while conversing on Twitter and Facebook was to be approached by a Publishing Company but it happened. So, it is still a bit surreal for me. Have I written the book? Yes! Have I seen the cover? Yes!! Have I met with the wonderful marketing department and my amazing editor? Yes!! Has it hit me yet? Not really!! I can’t truly place the reason behind my hesitation but I must say that it’s beginning to ‘hit’ me that I will be a nationally known author of a book that I wholeheartedly believe in!

Although I can’t share everything about the book I can share some wonderful testimonials that have been written for Letting Go Of Super Mom:

Don’t miss this book. If you learn one thing that gives you calm, reinforces your peace, or quiets your spirit in our insane daily survival as moms-and-all-things-to-all-people…then it is more than worth the time and small price you paid to read it. —  Carrie Wilkerson , The Barefoot Executive 

Dr. Mommy’s knowledge is delivered in a fun, no-nonsense applicable manner. Her book will give you what you need to nurture your children, extended family, friends, and community in a healthy way. — Patricia Rossi , author of Everyday Etiquette Made Easy

Dr. Mommy’s survival tips and guidance for busy moms are simple yet very powerful for creating the balance so many moms strive for. — Debbie Franklin , Mom’s Life Strategist

As I share these testimonials I must tell you that the excitement is building and I can’t wait to have a copy in my hands!! Most importantly I can’t wait for you to have a copy in your hands. My mission of sharing the concept of ‘letting go’ is one that is I will not give up on! Who says you must do it all! Are you telling yourself this or is someone in your life telling you this? Many times, when I ask this question of the many women I encounter on a daily basis, the reluctant answer is: themselves. 

I’m here to tell you give you permission to ‘let go’ … it truly is that easy! For the busy moms out there, wouldn’t you tell your child that was needlessly worrying or stressing to just let go? Why aren’t you taking your own advice? It’s time to step back and look at your life. Are you truly happy? Are you stress-free? Are you living a happy and healthy life? Are your family members happy? If you can honestly say ‘yes’ to all those questions, then I applaud you. However, each and every one of ‘us’ can benefit from ‘letting go’ and that is the purpose of this book and my mission. 

So, it’s begun!! The count-down to the release is now at 3 weeks!! Is it sinking in? Yes!! Will I continue sharing my mission? Yes!! Do you have to be a super mom? NO!!!  Strive to be a Power Mom instead!!

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