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It All Tasted A Little Better, Today…

Posted May 02 2011 9:08am

I don’t want to turn this into a political blog.  However, I have to share what has been going on in my mind since the announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. 

I was 18 years old when terrorists conducted the largest attack ever on American soil.  I had been out on my own for two months.  One morning, I woke up and went to class, like any other day, only that I entered a room full of despondent students who informed me of what had happened.  I went outside, after that.  It was a beautiful, warm day.  Looking around at an unfamiliar America, I realized that nothing would ever be the same again.  Nearly a decade has passed since then, during which I had often found myself wishing for that sense of the way things were before 9/11/01. 

Until the announcement was made last night that Bin Laden had been captured and killed, I hadn’t really understood how deeply the 9/11 attacks affected me, as an American.

So now that I’m up and have had breakfast, I have to say that everything tastes a little sweeter today.  From the words of our president, love him or hate him, “Justice has been done.”


Bowl of Justice


  • 3/4 cup rolled oats
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 2 to 3 finger-fulls of pecans
  • 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt, plain
  • 1 tsp. agave
  • 1 tbsp warm sunflower butter


Prepare the oats with an equal part of water however you like, but with much more heart and soul!  Add in the banana slices, and yogurt.  Stir.  If you want thinner oats, add a little milk (soy, almond, whatever you like)  Top with the pecans and sunflower butter.  To finish, drizzle a little agave syrup. 

On another topic, I can’t wait to eat this lunch I packed:

Homemade tabbouleh with roasted hummus-stuffed mushrooms!  I’ve seen this idea of hummus-stuffed mushrooms on several blogs.  Now, I’m hooked!

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