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It’s time to PLAY!

Posted Nov 11 2012 10:02pm

One of the biggest challenges I hear from clients is that they can’t get motivated to exercise.  They have no desire and no time.  They are bored with it and would just rather not do it!  Sound familiar?  Well, moving your body is so important to overall wellness, we have to find a way around all of this exercise negativity. 

So, here are five ways to overcome the exercise blues!

 1.  Shift your exercise paradigm.  When you hear the word “exercise,” what comes up for you?  An icky, smelly gym?  Dragging yourself to Boot Camp because everyone else is doing it?  If negativity is all that comes up when you hear the word “exercise,” then stop calling it “exercise.”  Instead, call it PLAYtime!  When we were kids, we didn’t exercise.  We PLAYED!!  We moved our bodies and had fun doing it.  Let’s bring that into adulthood.  Find some kind of physical activity that you enjoy.  Something you’ll look forward to each day.  Something that you’ll do consistently.  Maybe you love going to the gym.  Awesome!  Do that.  Maybe you prefer a brisk walk around the neighborhood, out in nature.  Perfect!!  Maybe you love playing tennis!  Sounds great!!  Instead of exercising, PLAY!  And, do it consistently.

2.  Just take the first step.  Believe me, the first step outside the front door is the hardest when you just feel like laying on the couch and watching TV.  But, once you take that first step, the rest is much easier.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  Next time you’re just not “feeling” like moving your body, just take the first step.  As you begin to move more, endorphins kick in and you’ll begin to feel energized and happy!

3.  Schedule it!  If you’re a busy mom like me, scheduling things in your calendar is the only way they’ll get done.  This goes for your PLAYtime, too.  Make sure it’s on your calendar and then DO IT at that time.  It’s good for your family to see that you’ve scheduled it, too.  Making PLAYtime a priority shows them that you value physical activity and being healthy.  They are watching you and will do what you do.  Get your calendar out right now and schedule 30 minutes a day for the next week for your PLAYtime.  Remember, you’ll find time to do anything that’s important to you.

4.  Reward yourself.  After 5 consistent days of doing some kind of physical activity, treat yourself to a massage.  Or take some time for yourself at the park, reading a good book.  Or, buy yourself a new Kindle download.  Reward yourself with whatever will motivate you take consistent action in the physical activity department.

5.  Eat well, drink well, and sleep well!  If you are constantly out of energy, take a good, hard look at what you’re putting in your body and how much sleep you’re getting.  What you eat will either give you energy or zap your energy.  So, be sure to be fueling your body with lots of living, whole foods, fruits, veggies.  And, of course, enjoy lots  and lots of hydrating water!  If you are dehydrated, your energy will be low and you’ll never feel like getting off the couch.  And, one of the most overlooked pieces in the wellness puzzle is sleep.  We are a society who is obsessively busy and most of the population is sleep deprived.  Don’t let this be you!  Without enough quality sleep, you will be dragging and you’ll never feel like moving your body.  So, make it a point, tonight, to start a new sleep habit!

There you go.  Five ways to overcome the exercise blues.  Now, go PLAY and enjoy a healthier body and a happier outlook!

About Casey Sollock ( 19 Posts )

Casey Sollock is a holistic wellness coach, women's speaker, and author. She loves inspiring mompreneurs to optimize their health, shine their light, and change the world! True health and happiness emerge when body, mind, and spirit are well-nourished and living in harmony. She also works with brides-to-be to accomplish their ideal image for their walk down the aisle! Casey invites you to enjoy a complimentary copy of the comprehensive holistic wellness book, Integrative Nutrition, at her website, She Shines Wellness

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