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It’s Not Goodbye

Posted Jan 10 2010 9:43am

A very wise woman once said, blogging is fun, but life is real.

Indeed Mama Pea. Indeed.

Blogging, at least to the extent that I have taken it with two posts a day most days, as well as all the other duties that come along with being active in the blogging community, is time consuming to say the least. As life changes and evolves, the needs of my family as well as my own needs change and evolve too. Time is a pretty hot commodity around here, and while I’ve enjoyed finding the time to blog regularly this spring, summer and fall – our new house and the start of a new year have made it abundantly clear that there is suddenly less time to go around.

I started Mama’s Weeds for so many reasons. I was excited to share my recipes and ideas in the kitchen with my friends and family. I wanted to write about all the great books I’ve read that have made such a difference in my life and have aided me in my personal journey to health and wellness. I also wanted to write about all the ways I fit regular exercise into my hectic life as a wife and homeschooling mother of two.

The blog has taught me so much and has enriched my life on so many levels. Thanks to putting some pressure on myself to post twice a day, every day, for nearly the last 8 months and to keep me from boring myself to tears, the challenges of coming up with new posts so frequently has allowed me to stretch my creative writing legs and in turn, has allowed me discover a new passion that I didn’t even realize I had. I’ve had so much fun writing, learning more about food, cooking, health, exercise and even a little about photography too. I’ve made a lot of new friends , gotten so many great ideas and found so many new sources of inspiration and motivation. It’s been a lot of fun documenting the food and health related events in our lives these past 8 months and has been a real trip sharing part of my life over the world wide web.

I’m not going to completely pull the plug on Mama’s Weeds, but I do need to take a hiatus from regular blogging for the time being. I’ve got to shift my focus and limited spare time and energy on the needs of all the people in my real life that I care so much about.

If you’re looking to find me in cyberspace, I’ll still be hanging out with my homeboy Matt over at Health Blog Helper . That gig is a little less demanding. I’ll be around the blogosphere a bit too – keeping up with my fellow bloggers, leaving ridiculous comments as needed and as time allows. I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see a new post pop up on here from time to time either. I’ll still be cooking and running after all! When I find myself with some extra time, a fantastic new recipe, a funny picture on my camera or story to share – I’ll be back!


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