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It’s All About Clarity

Posted Apr 11 2011 7:00am

Continuing in the discussion of the 4C's today's C is Clarity.

It's not about how clear you see or speak but it is how clear your message is. In order to get what you want or to be understood it is important to use the language and words that others will comprehend. How often have you spoken to your teen and received the deer caught in the headlight look? Perhaps you receive a stare that shows some form of confusion from your co-worker or worse yet, you receive the nod of affirmation when you know they are simply not listening. In their heads they hear Charlie Brown's mom every time you open your mouth and I'm sure that's not the response you desire.

Have you thought of the way you are requesting or better yet the words you are using? Many times our message does not get across or is clearer understood because of the words we have chosen. When we are speaking to children it is best to use the words they will understand; speak at their level. In your profession it is important to use this same concept of speaking at the level of your peers.

Stop trying to impress others with the words you are using. Remember if you want to get your point across, take into consideration the people you are addressing. When you do this, you will quickly notice your children, teens, spouse, friends and co-workers will be attentive and gladly converse with you. Isn't that what you truly long for anyway?

If you want your teen to do a certain task, remember their hormones are likely raging and confusing them so be sure to use the words they will understand. This is rather tricky and at times quite enjoyable. Want to really confuse them? Use words that will require the use of a dictionary or thesaurus but if you really want to get them to be attentive to your needs, be aware.

Be attentive, aware and use words they will understand, it's as easy as that. Clarity begins with you and your choice of words. 

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