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Is your fish sticking or falling apart on the grill or skillet? Try grilling or frying fish on lemons!!!!! (Why didn’t I t

Posted Apr 27 2013 5:24pm

I know this seems like such a trivial subject to write a whole blogpost on, but running across this little "tidbit" of information opened up fish "Fish Grilling World" to me.

I love to grill fish, but the fish tends to break apart on the grill, especially those flaky white fishes. My favorite, salmon, has a tendency to lose the skin, which is very nutritious, whether on the grill or when cooking on a frying pan with oil.

The solution? Grill or fry the fish sitting on top of lemons. So brilliant yet so simple…………………….

And as you can see from the photo above, if using a frying pan, you can get pretty creative with it, using spices, scallions or whatever to simmer and flavor the fish.

Or, you can use limes (my current favorite), or even oranges!!!!!! Not only protects the fish from falling apart and falling through the grill grates, it gives the fish a great tangy flavor.

……..or mix and match what the fish sits while it is grilling, like a combo of lemons and onions

Salmon lovers will find this tidbit of knowledge a godsend, because it is hard to grill salmon without ruining the skin, which we love so much………

I don't get into non-stick skillets, and it does leave a skillet very messy, but I just soak in soapy water and let it sit a day, and then trow the skillet in the dishwasher.

Somehow, this little tidbit of information has got my whole life feeling like it's now in sync ….I forgot where I saw the tip, but thanks to whomever though of it, you made my summer grilling a world of new possibilities!!!!

…..I just wanted to pass on the love!


~stay healthy~


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