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Is tomato sauce with pasta healthy to eat when your sick with a chest congestion?

Posted by Jacquelyn388

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Interesting question, but not simple to answer. Is it a homemade tomato sauce? or a processed one with additives and sugar? Is the pasta white or from a whole grain like kamut, spelt or brown rice? 

Let's pretend it's tomato sauce from a jar and white pasta; then no this isn't a fabulous choice. It won't hurt but it won't help. Create a little heat to help get things moving out of your chest. Try something spicy like homemade thai, mexican or indian food. Another alternative? A nice bowel of organic chicken noodle soup and a big sleep ; ) 

Yes, Tomato sauce with vegetables - anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and essential fats to help you on your way to recovery - plenty of garlic and ginger too.

 For dessert? some berries



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