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Is there such thing as strength training too many times in a week? I do group fitness classes, including kickboxing, cardio circ

Posted Feb 05 2010 7:42am

I’m not any kind of certified personal trainerbut I have been told by many of them that it’s a no-no to work the same muscle without giving it 24 hours to rebuild and recover. I would also listen to your body. If a certain muscle group feels soretry to avoid working it for a day or so. I don’t know how intensive your kickboxingpilatesetc. classes are in terms of really fatiguing your musclesso that’s something you’ll have to use your judgment on (or ask a trainer).

In terms of taking two different kinds of classes a dayI say as long as you’re fueling yourself properly and nothing is painfulyou’re good to go! I sometimes do cardio and strength in one sessionand then another strength session focusing on different muscles later that day.

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