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Posted Mar 02 2010 3:30am

Soy is one of the most blessed and most coursed food nowadays: many people debate wether is soy healthy or dangereous for eating while many others could not imagine their diet without soy and various soy products.

It was not easy for me to write this article, because all the time I had in mind very aggresive negative propaganda against soy which started several years ago and frightened very many people.

This article is based primarly on my 14 years long experience of eating soy (as well as on experience of the others who regurarly eat it for many years)...

I love soy, started to eat it while listening my intuition (my desicion was not influenced by any propaganda) and thanks to it I easily quit eating meat with only most positive impacts of vegeterian diet on my health. I used to eat a lot of meat before, as people today usually do, and loved the taste of meat, but my body did not take it well (I felt tired and sleepy after meat meals, had all sorts of infections, poor immune system, problem with joints, hormones, digestion...) and due to that switched on vegetarian food that literally saved my life.... PLEASE READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

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