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Is malt extract healthy to eat?

Posted by antigeneric

I wanted to know if malt was good for you, as I am doing a project on wellness.
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Great question.  Sorry to say, but the answer is  "no" for a vast majority of the population.  Why?  Well, malt contains gluten.  Malt has gluten because malt is made from barley and barley contains gluten. 

Gluten is a protein that a great many people are sensitive to. Typically associated with "wheat", gluten is actually in a variety of grains such as barley, rye, spelt and oats (via contamination).  When people are sensitive to gluten this can result in a delayed response such as joint pain, headaches, moodiness, weightgain, brain fog, etc.  To make it even more tricky, these symptoms can show up, up to 72 hours after ingestion of the gluten.  So, it gets very confusing and people have a difficult time drawing the straight line to the gluten they are ingesting as the source of their symptoms.

Additionally, it is devastating for those with Celiac Disease.  Celiac is an autoimmune condition that attacks the lining of the small intestine when a person with Celiac consumes gluten. 

Gluten has became a health degrading food source in our culture and it is hidden in so many things.  

 If you any questions, or would like some alternative options to talk about in your project, feel free to contact me.

 be well & thrive!





Thanks so much Sarah ! So for the people who don't have Celiac disease, it's not that bad since it's in whole-grain products (such as barley, which is healthier than rice)?

Also, I don't have Celiac disease, but I was wondering if the gluten-free recipes/packaged foods are actually decent/not loaded with chemical additives?


During the Second World War, the British government issued vouchers to parents for malted barley -- and we kids thrived on it! That and concentrated orange juice.

Do you have any information on the WWII malt program? It was yummy!

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