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Is it unhealthy to eat more than 3000 calories a day?

Posted by lola35466

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do i need to gain weight at 5'5 and 95 pounds? what is the healthiest way in doing so?

Hi Lola,

You've been in the hospital and your body is trying to heal. It may need more nutrients right now to speed along that healing. That being said, WHAT you eat is going to be more important right now. Personally, I'd skip out on the starchy and excessively carby foods and be sure you are getting plenty healthy proteins (which will go a long way to satisfying your hunger and helping you heal) as well as low-starch low-sugar veggies and fruits. Keep in mind that sugar impairs the immune system, so avoiding sugar right now would be to your benefit.

yes that is unusual but im just getting over pancreatitis and ive been in the hospital for 4 days. most the foods were healthy heres what i had: 2 peices pizza garlic bread a smoothie a turkey sandwich a salad a bowl of soup baked lays 2 pancakes a special k snack bar easy mac and a big bowl potato salad and i still want more is this normal
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