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Is it okay to give ensure adult health shakes to a 5 yr old child?

Posted by grouch

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As a holistic nutritionist I don't think anyone should be eating packaged health shakes. It's a highly processed food that has little value as far as health goes and is not 'real' food. The second ingredient after water is sugar, then corn syrup (highly refined and really bad for you) than it has a combination of oils like canola oil. Also good to know most canola, soy and corn syrup in processed foods are genetically modified versions of each of these real foods which has not had long term testing on animals or humans so we're not quite sure that they do to us. Shorter term testing with gmo potatoes on animals has not gone well with precancerous cell development within 10 days of daily consumption. Try oatmeal instead. 


In health,



Please don't give Ensure to your kids, I wouldn't give that stuff to my pet fish. Its highly processed, in fact its mostly sugar and water and backed by clever advertising.
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