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Is it ok to eat peanut butter or honeycomb cereal when i have high ldl ?

Posted by wolvreen

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If you're asking this question than I suspect you already know the answer. I personally wouldn't recommend anyone eat honeycomb cereal. It will increase your blood sugar and cause you to eat more unhealthy foods. I also don't recommend anything processed, because frankly we're not designed to eat it. 

Peanut putter I have a totally different answer for. Organic pb if you don't have an allergy to peanuts can be a heart healthy snack because in fat nut fats are good for you. That being said I am not suggesting you eat a jar of pb instead try a table spoon spread on a celery stick or just eat it right off the spoon.

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in my opinion peanut butter is good for health.All kinds of nuts are good for health.But,it is not better to eat more honeycomb cereal.It causes to increase the sugar level in your body.


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