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Is hydration important?

Posted Aug 18 2009 2:58pm
My mom is a crazy water drinker. It used to drive me crazy, but I have
officially become my mother.

I know if I haven't used the bathroom to tinkle in a few hours then I am
already dehydrated.

Since our body is made up of 70% water, what happens to people who don't
replenish or hydrate? Hmmm?

Sometimes my body swells. I used to feel fat, but I have learned that it is
my lymphatic system retaining fluids to hold any toxins hostage so that they
can't attack my organs. What I do to remedy this is drink lots of fabulous
H20 with fresh lemon, to flush the toxins out.

Tired? Drink a glass of water. The Big O in H20 is Oxygen. A good dose of
the Big O and you will perk right up.

I rarely get headaches, unless of course I'm wearing a tight hat. But in
times that I do, I go for the instant cure. WATER! Headaches are a sign of
severe dehydration.

Did you know that your body loses about two quarts of water per day through
perspiration, urination and exhalation?

The last thing I do before I go to bed is fill up a 16oz glass of Water and
place it on my nightstand. The first thing I do in the morning is roll over
and drink the whole glass of water.

Drinking water a half hour before you eat a meal will not only curb your
appetite, but clean out any residual undigested food from your system.

Dehydration often disguises itself as hunger.

It's hard for me not to drink water with my meals, as I like to wash things
down, but it only slows digestion and then I feel bloated. So, I'm training
myself to not even serve a drink with a meal.

When I am eating lots of greens, I seem to need less water. Probably
because lettuce is 95 percent water.
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