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is fries and the french fries a faaty food or is a junk food?

Posted by Khushi T. Facebook

the fries made at home are made from the fresh are they considered in the fast or junk food

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Are you still frying the potatoes?  This is where much of the problem lies - bad oils heated to high temperature create free radicals which are damaging to your body.

Instead try just cutting/slicing the "organic" potatoes or Yams (for more nutritional value) and the drizzle with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt.  Then bake them! 


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Yes fries are fatty AND JUNK foods!!   Anytime you get them from the fast food joint you'll have little nutrients in return for the salt and flavors.  The fats they use will do you NO GOOD!  So basicly the oils that don't turn bad on you when heated is grapeseed oil and organic Coconut oil which tolerate heat at a high tempature best.  If you gotta do it try brushing on the oil and putting your sliced potatoes with the skin on a cookie shhet and Bake in the oven with seasoning.  I like using veg sal to salt instead of table salt.
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