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Is Fast Weight Loss a Healthy Approach?

Posted Dec 09 2008 11:25pm
Fast weight loss is what everybody wants, if they need to lose weight, that is. It’s human nature to be impatient and want the results NOW and preferably without giving up anything or doing anything extra or being disciplined.

People often have so much trouble taking responsibility for themselves and have turned over health matters to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Instead of making an obvious lifestyle change, many people just want someone else to do it for them.

When I was seeing patients in my chiropractic practice, there were some who refused to take part in their care (such as doing simple back-strengthening exercises or making easy dietary changes) and even said they just wanted it basically all done for them and to them. Fortunately, this was rare, as many chiropractic patients approach their care as partners with their doctors, as opposed to the paternalistic medical model.

Back to fast weight loss…

It may not be the healthiest approach, because it often is a radical decrease in calories consumed and/or a big increase in exercise. It is possible, though, especially if one can spend two or three weeks at a health facility like Optimum Health Institute (a new window with open when this link is clicked) where calories are restricted, exercise classes are plentiful, and everything is done under the guidance of health experts.

Many people do lose weight quickly under those conditions. During a stay there, I recall a woman who got up before the group on the last day and was in tears as she told us how she could see her ankles (after just two weeks on the program). What she meant was that she’d lost enough weight that her legs had become shapely, curving in at her ankles.

Actually, the weight loss is viewed as a side effect, a bonus, because many of the people who attend have serious health issues which they overcome by participating in the program, which consists of consuming raw foods and fresh juices, drinking lots of liquid throughout the day in the form of water and rejuvelac (a slightly fermented wheat and water mixture), and daily exercise.

With discipline, you could do the same thing at home, but it helps, especially the first time, to do this in an environment of support and education.

You could also find a health coach online or in your neighborhood. Another option is to find a buddy with the same goals, and you keep one another accountable and on track. Click here to read about how I undertook a raw foods challenge with the support of friends.

A more moderate approach…

Slow, steady weight loss is the healthier way. Simply eliminate animal products from your diet and you’ll be amazed at the change in your health and weight. The next step would be to cut out extra fats and oils.

Olive oil may be a healthier fat than margarine, but it’s still fat. If you want to lose weight, cut back on it and all added fats.

And don’t forget exercise. The easiest exercise is walking. Just choose the exercise you’ll do. That’s the one that’s best for you.

It should be obvious… there’s no magic pill for fast weight loss… cut back on calories and increase exercise. You’ll lose weight and gain health.

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