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Is eating healthy to expensive?

Posted by RunnJRun

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and while I was there I was thinking about the cost of eating healthy foods.

We eat a fair amount of fresh veggies & fruit each week. I also just started to buy organic if that's the word beef & chicken. Grass fed beef, and chicken that hasn't been given/injected with hormones/antibiotics.

It's not cheap. I realize in the long run it's better for my health, and hospitals bills aren't cheap either.

I also realize that eating healthy requires some education. Everyone doesn't have access to the resources that I have access to.


So do you think that if proper education were given, and the cost of produce/veggies were lower, more people would eat healthy?


I really don't know what would happen. 

I know that many produce markets take food stamps/EBT cards (whatever), but I don't know how often they see them. That would be something to look into.

So what do you think?

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I am on food stamps and it's the only way I can afford to eat healthy food. I wish they would look at what a person is using thier card for and let that help with thier decisions about amounts people need/deserve.

I can't afford organic foods but try to keep mine as unprocesed as posible. I "make" most of my foods/meals from scratch and that cuts the cost most of the time.

In my oppinion most people know a big-mac is bad for thier health but don't want to put the time and energy into making a healthier (less procesed) version at home. Education and lower prices would help some people but most people want things fast and easy which seems to be why we are hearing so much about weight and health crisis in the news.  ~Just my 2 cents

I totally agree that "healthy" can be expensive. But, I coupon and purchase on sale so my bill isn't so bad. I agree that the best way to save money is to not waste it on processed foods and use the money to buy fruits and veggies instead!

Try this site to help with couponing and all of that:


Healthy can be VERY expensive. But you can also spend less than the average person does on highly processed foods. Just as psychobunny has said, make your meals from scratch. Organic may not be an option, but you can get lots of fresh fruits and veggies, rice, quinoa, millet, and pulses like lentils, chickpeas, and kidney beans. If you make all of this yourself, at home, you'll save SO much money!
There are healthy options that are not so expensive.  For instance, a drink called 'Fortune Delight' was listed in the "World's Top 100 Health Products", not only for its health benefits, but for its affordability.  You need to be willing to learn about new ways of getting better quality nutrition from different sources.
you're absolutely right! that's what i have observed, too. healthy foods are quite expensive than those that are junk..yet it pays off to be healthy. for example, fresh fruit juices or shakes are a lot expensive than diet coke and sodas.

I definitely agree! Healthy eating really does cost more. I have read in an article that almost 15 percent of households in America say that they don't have enough money to eat the way they want to eat. They chose foods not by healthy standards but by cost. There are many reasons why healthy eating is expensive. Fresh fruits and vegetables have short shelf life, which means they will spoil easier than processed or preserved foods and can't be bought in bulk and stored.


Fawn McManigal, Founder of

Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive. Brown rice, cabbage, brocoli, lentils, carrots, oranges, apples, for example, are not and are very good for you. When I'm not on the road I eat all my meals at home, it's a much less expensive option than eating out all the time, plus you can control the quality of the ingredients.


Vegetables are not expensive when you compare them to a daily Starbucks latte habit. Fruits that are in season are not only healthier (since they tend to be fresher), they are also reasonably inexpensive. A healthy diet has good variety without costing a ton.

It's the good quality proteins that can be expensive. My tight-pursed solution is to eat a well balanced mostly vegetarian diet at home and then when out, I have the fish/chicken/turkey/or even steak. Every couple of weeks I splurge on a good, fresh piece of wild salmon. Since I drink all my coffee at home, the money I save on coffee is put towards healthy dietary spurges.

What healthy eating really boils down to is commitment, when you're committed to eating a healthy diet, it becomes a priority. Once it's a priority, then being a little creative with your cooking can make simple ingredients taste amazing!

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