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Is 39g of High Fructose Corn Syrup (Log Cabin) worse than 53g sugar in natural maple syrup?

Posted by paula n.

I know that HFCS is not good for you, especially when you have too much of it. Too much sugar, even natural sugar, is not good for you either. In equal amounts, I would much rather have natural sugar. This question has to do with where the tradeoff point is between natural sugar and HFCS. Specifcally, I compared the per serving "sugar" level of maple syrup vs Log Cabin and noted a higher sugar content in the maple syrup.
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Natural is Better. The more natural & less processed is almost always better, as it causes the body to do less work in breaking it down to metabolize it.?You might also want to add some kind of fiber, like a piece of fruit with the skin on it, to help pull some of the sugar out before being digested.?If you drink fruit juice, you're getting pure juice, but it you eat a piece of fruit, the fiber pulls some of the sugar with it, making your blood glucose lower. Fiber is good to eat with your pancakes!
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