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Irregular bowel movements

Posted Mar 14 2010 10:08pm

I’m afraid of having to suffer from colon problems in my later years due to irregular bowel movements. I have a very irregular bowel movement that results to constipation. Lack of fiber and consumption of too many refined sugar calories are some of the causes of problem in bowel movements. Consuming foods rich in animal fats like dairy products, meats, and eggs can cause also constipation. Thus, I need to eat more foods that are rich in fiber like fruits and leafy vegetables to normalize my bowel movement. I have also read about the benefits of colon cleanse . Colon cleansing allows the digestive system to function more efficiently by removing the toxins that have built up over time. More nutrients are absorbed from food, and toxins are flushed out of the colon before they have a chance to damage our health; thus, improving the health of the immune system and the entire body.

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