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Irradicate Inflamation by Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Mar 21 2009 3:03pm

Inflamation is an epidemic in our nation. This is obvious when you examine the numbers of people with different types of arthritis (joint stiffness and inflamation) and the ever-growing population of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia (mild to chronic muscle inflamation).

Today, I want to help you understand the role that essential fatty acids, namely, Omega 3 fatty acids, play in
irradicating inflamatory disease .

Omega 3 fatty acids are in a category called " Essential Fatty Acids " (EFA). Why?....Because they are absolutely ESSENTIAL to maintain health. The body does NOT just make it within. The essential fatty acids must be obtained by
eating healthy nutritious food .

Omega 6 is another EFA. Both O3 and O6 are used by the body to control tissue function in the body. However, Omega 6 fats tend to have pro-inflammatory effects and
Omega 3 fats have anti-inflammatory effects. We have to have a balanced intake of both for optimal health.

Omega 6 fatty acids are the type contained in your common vegetable oil and products made from livestock raised on grain. Omega 3's are in
flaxseed oil , wild ocean fish, wild game, products from livestock raised on green vegetation, and fish oil . Most people consume way more Omega 6 fatty acids in their diet and insufficient Omega 3's.

Think about your
typical American diet . We eat foods cooked in vegetable oils, crackers and snacks containing vegetable oils, and dressings/mayos with vegetable oils. The meat we eat comes primarily from grain fed animals as well. So our daily intakes of Omega 6's are outweighing our intake of Omega 3's.

Our bodies are faithful to alert us of diffeciencies in the right balance of EFA's. Some of the following disorders can stem from a lack of essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3's
-Fatigue, lack of endurance
-Chronic Arthritis
-Dry Skin, cracked nails

So how can I get more Omega 3's in my diet? I want a
healthy lifestyle , but I want simple steps to getting and staying healthy .

There are a few options, and some are easier to implement than others.
-You can buy organic meats made from animals that are free grazing and fed little grain. Sometimes you can find local meat from a farm who butchers their free-range animals.Or eat wild game.

-You can consume extra large amounts of fish because that has high levels of O3. However, there is the danger of high mercury levels in fish. So that's also a concern.

-You can take fish oil supplements.

-You can include flax seeds as a
nutritious food choice. They come either whole or milled. Your body can use the milled seeds easier and you can sprinkle this over cereals, yogurt, salads, and nearly anything you eat.

-You can purchase flax seed oil capsules or take flax seed oil in liquid form which can be added to anything you add oil to, like salads, pastas, and the like.

I have a personal experience that made me a believer in the effects of flax seed oil...I had "heard" about the health benefits of Flax Seed Oil for quite some time. But I had not done any research of my own. So, I decided to include this in my daily life. I bought the flax seed oil (not in capsules). The day I began using it I also started reading up on it.

Forty-Eight hours after taking it, I noticed that my muscles no longer ached. I'd had problem with unexplained achy, tense muscles in my thighs and legs for the last couple of years.As I continued to read my printed research that night I read that "Omega 3 fatty acids regulate the inflammatory response in the body." Suddenly, it all made sense! I'd actually been suffering from a defficiency in Omega 3's!! I was so pleased to know this and to realize that I was not going to have to continue in pain forever. It was a simple solution. I easily include the liquid flax seed oil daily in a nutritious, fruit filled smoothie. I can also put it in yogurt and I use it instead of olive oil on my salad. There are so many creative ways to use it.

**Please note**All flax seed oils are NOT equal in purity. Flax seed oil goes rancid quicker than other oils so the processing of the seeds into oil is of special signifigance. For a pure, organic flax seed oil I recommend . This site will answer more in depth questions about this awesome part of a natural, whole foods diet .**

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