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Introducing The Primal Advantage

Posted Jul 02 2014 4:27am

Primal Advantage2 320 It’s a big day here at Mark’s Daily Apple! Today I am pleased to introduce The Primal Advantage metabolic consulting program. Finally, you can engage one-on-one with a respected medical expert aligned with Primal principles to fine tune your metabolic function. The Primal Advantage is overseen by Dr. Cate Shanahan, a family practice physician from Napa, CA, one of the leading MD’s in the ancestral health community, popular PrimalCon presenter, and author (with her husband Luke) of two extremely popular books, Deep Nutrition and Food Rules .

I’ve realized a pressing need for Primal Blueprint to offer such 1:1 professional consulting for many years, due to the high volume of email questions I receive on matters of health and even medical conditions at Mark’s Daily Apple. Don’t get me wrong – I love fielding reader questions in my weekly column. However, a significant percentage of my reader questions relate to medical matters that are not appropriate for me to answer. Turning to a “regular” doctor for support when you are committed to Primal living but struggling with certain health issues, confused about risk factors, or second-guessing your prescription drug regimen, can often be highly problematic. Particularly when it comes to the link between nutrition and health, your doctor is unlikely to be qualified to offer sensible guidance.

While I have great respect for all the leading voices in the primal/paleo/ancestral health movement, I have incredible appreciation for the medical doctors who have embraced the movement and spoken up to oppose the status quo mindset in their profession – folks like Dr. Cate, Dr. Ronesh Sinha , author of The South Asian Health Solution , and many others (Dr. Doug McGuff, Dr. Michelle Blackwell, Dr. Lauren Jefferis among them).

cateshanahanWhile I enjoyed Cate’s book Deep Nutrition upon it’s release in 2010, she really caught my attention when she hooked up with my beloved Los Angeles Lakers to advise them on road trip meal planning and individual player diets in 2012. As Cate will tell you, it ain’t easy to the get the attention of a superstar like Kobe Bryant, let alone inspire trust and confidence in a radically different way of eating (check some of the links at the bottom of the Primal Advantage page ; even the amazing physical specimens in the NBA are more inclined to chow down junk food than sensible dietary practices. Cate even diagnosed Dwight Howard with dysesthesia – his excess sugar consumption was compromising his fine motor skills and causing him to drop passes!).

Essentially, Cate is blending the best of medical science with ancestral health principles, and her experience in metabolic consulting with everyone from regular patients in her clinic to the world’s greatest professional athletes. When you participate in The Primal Advantage, you work 1:1 with Cate to fine-tune your dietary habits for weight loss, peak performance, and minimizing disease risk. Everything happens online or over the telephone, so this program is accessible to you wherever you live in the world.

While this program carries a decent price tag, it’s a pretty intensive relationship involving blood work (it’s a cinch to order Cate’s designated test package and get drawn locally with ) that gets sent directly to Dr. Cate, complete a detailed health questionnaire online, and prepare an online food diary – all of which Cate will evaluate in detail with you over the phone as she prepares your Metabolic Snapshot™. The Metabolic Snapshot assesses your current health in six different categories: Cardiovascular, Intestinal, Energy, Immune system, Brain/Nervous system, and Connective Tissue. During your consultation, she will provide detailed dietary guidelines that enable you to improve your metabolic health scores and experience peak performance.

When you consider that the average family physician like Cate is mandated to spend only around seven minutes with each patient per traditional health care business model, this program is a bargain for the amount of personal consultation time you receive. Furthermore, working with Cate to improve your Metabolic Snapshot could help you discover blind spots in your dietary approach even if you are a devoted primal enthusiast. Check out Dr. Cate’s 2013 post where she discussed her consultation with Primal Blueprint’s own Brad Kearns. Brad was by all accounts a super healthy guy and exceptional athlete, but he too had dietary shortcomings identified by Dr. Cate that was compromising his performance and recovery.

So, if you are dealing with nagging health or metabolic issues, wishing to bust out of a body composition plateau, have been frustrated by mainstream medical care that either conflicts with or is uninformed about your primal practices, or have no complaints but might enjoy a breakthrough in athletic performance, consider participating in The Primal Advantage. The  Primal Advantage page explains the program components in more detail. Upon your registration, you will be given step-by-step instructions for completing the necessary blood, diet, and questionnaire elements and how to schedule your telephone appointment with Dr. Cate. Also note that after completing the initial program package, you can engage with Dr. Cate at any time in the future for follow-up 30- or 60-minute telephone consults.

Note: Since this post marks the official launch of The Primal Advantage program, I encourage you to act quickly and lock in your consulting time with Dr. Cate before she gets too busy. In anticipation of an enthusiastic response to the program, Dr. Cate is currently preparing a team of like-minded physicians to become Primal Advantage consultants, but currently the program capacity is limited by Dr. Cate’s availability. If you have any questions about The Primal Advantage, please feel free to visit the  Primal Advantage page and live chat (lower right pop-up tab), email or call 888-774-6259 to discuss further.

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