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Interview with Ionized Water Expert Bob McCauley

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:49pm

Many people feel that health is simply an absence of disease, but it is much more than that. I love your quote from your book, titled The Six Components of Great Health, “Perfect health is the point where the body is totally regenerating itself every moment and biological aging has stopped completely and each organ of the body is functioning to its capacity.” Can you discuss this and tell us about your definition of great health?

Bob McCauley’s answer:

Right. Well, you know it is that point where the body is totally rejuvenating itself and Peter Ragnar will tell you about that and Dean Coocoo will tell you about that. Some of these other guys that are out there doing raw food will tell you the same thing but the question is, how do we do that?

How do we rejuvenate the body? Because first of all people say, “Well, how do you know raw foods are healthy?” The thing I always come back with is, “Well, show me any evidence of chronic disease in the wild.” It does not exist.

Here in Michigan we are in deer season. Nobody is going to shoot a deer, bring it home, and find it full of cancer or arthritis or fibromyalgia or diabetes or high blood pressure or any of these problems. Again, we are talking chronic disease, not bacterial or viral. Somebody always comes back with, “Well, animals get rabies and they get tuberculosis.”

Okay, those are viral and bacterial and there are reasons why animals get
those diseases but chronic disease like that MS type of myalgia,
diabetes, cancer, we are the only species on earth that gets sick other
than the animals that we domesticate and put on a cooked food puppy
chow, cat chow, Purina chow diet. They end up with all of the diseases
that we have.

If you actually take your pet and you put your pet on the same diet that
you are on and feed him the same; you have spaghetti and Fifi has
spaghetti; you have steak and Fifi has steak and you have burritos and
Fifi has burritos then you are going to end up with cancer or
fibromyalgia or arthritis and so is Fifi over here. Fifi didn’t live on a
raw food diet just like you didn’t.
The only way we can really rejuvenate our body at a cellular level is by
eating raw fruits and vegetables. When we eat cooked foods for a
number of reasons we go back to a very key point here. A key term that I
use when I do a talk or when somebody interviews me I like to talk
about this term called oxidation reduction potential, ORP. It’s the ability
of a substance to reduce the oxidation of the body. What does that mean

I will give you two examples of oxidation. Rust is slow oxidation. Fire is fast oxidation. You are burning yourself up. That’s what we are doing when we are aging. We are oxidizing.

What we want to do is reduce that oxidation. We want to retard the
oxidation of the body and we want to reverse the aging process as much
as we can. I have done that, but obviously I have done that biologically,
not chronologically.

I didn’t become younger. I didn’t turn back into a teenager or anything
but I have the body that I had when I was in my teens or when I was in
my twenties. As a matter of fact, I know that it’s a lot better now than it
was then for a number of reasons. I believe I was able to do that because
only raw fruits and vegetables have that potential to provide the body
with the proper nutrients that the body can rejuvenate itself with.

That’s what we call a nutraceutical. A nutraceutical is any type of a food
which all fruits and vegetables are nutraceuticals to some degree. We
talked about spirulina and chlorella. These are incredibly powerful
nutraceuticals. They are incredibly powerful foods.
Algae is the most incredible food when we get into juicing grasses and
herbs these are also very powerful foods. When you get down to fruit,
fruit does not have that really powerful nutraceutical quality to it. Still
they are nutraceuticals but they are just not as strong.
We get back to that whole question about variety. What you are trying to
do by being healthy is number one to reduce the oxygenation of the
body. Stopping the burning yourself up.
Every time you cook a food, you take a food that has a negative ORP, a
negative charge. That is what we are trying to put into our bodies. Our
bodies have a positive charge, a positive milivoltage, so we are trying to
reduce that oxidation.

There are only two substances I know of in the whole world that can do
that. One of them is roughage and vegetables. They all have a negative
charge. If you look at the MV or milivoltage of squeezed orange juice
you are going to see that it’s 115 negative to 250 negative.
When you cook a food, you have taken it from a negative and you’ve
turned it to a positive. What you have done essentially is oxidized that
food and now you are going to take it and put it into your body. That is
going to encourage and result in the further oxidation of your body. You
are accelerating the aging process.
This key point is only two substances have it, and one is raw fruits and
vegetables. The other one is ionized water which is why I always say
that this is one of the most incredible things that I’ve ever seen in my
life. It’s just something that is a nice little thing to add onto a health
regimen. This is a key component.

If you really want to be healthy you want to reduce the oxygenation of
the body and of course alkalize the body and detoxify the body. You
really want to put these kinds of substances into your body, the things
that have a negative charge. This includes only raw fruits and

All cooked foods have that positive charge and you want to stay away
from that. Raw fruits and vegetables and then ionized water that has that
negative charge. If we want to be healthy and I don’t care how sick you
are. If you have cancer, you have arthritis, you are a diabetic, you have
MS, or I don’t care what it is.

You only need to do three things to be healthy. You need to alkalize
your body and keep your PH up. You need to hydrate your body, give
you body the proper amounts of water and you need to detoxify the
body, alkalization, hydration, detoxification.
That’s all it takes but we always come back to the point or the question
of, “How do we get there?” That is what my Six Components of Health
is. That’s what I talk about.

Mike: The negative charge is the key reason ionized water helps with the
detoxification and provides antioxidants?

Bob: Water mimics many of the same properties of raw fruits and vegetables.
Ionized water has a negative charge. Raw fruits and vegetables have that
negative charge, that negative ORP. If you want to know one thing about
health, if there is one thing that you want to understand about it it’s to
understand that term ORP, oxidation reduction potential.
The people who interested me in ionized water were multi-level
marketers. They didn’t understand what they had in their hand. They just
knew how to regurgitate some of the points that were given to them but
when I finally realized one day and said, “Why is this an antioxidant?”
Ionized water is an antioxidant because of one thing, it has a negative
charge like raw fruits and vegetables and it has an abundance of
electrons like raw fruits and vegetables. The human body is starved for
electrons, but when you lose your electrons you develop in your body
what is called free radicals.
Most people have heard about free radicals and this is a kind of a
molecule or an atom that is missing an electron. When you put
something in your body that has an abundance of electrons they are free
radical scavengers. Once again that is why we need raw fruits and
vegetables and ionized water. They have that abundance of electrons.
There are no other substances out there that do.
When you have something that has an abundance of electrons then that
is going to be very alkaline. That is why when you have a high presence
of electrons in something it becomes very alkaline. When you have a
deficit of electrons through free radicals then that becomes very acidic.
You want to talk about ions because once again we always come down
to these very basic questions like ORP and then ions. Everything that we
want to do is put out our body into a negative ion environment. Raw
fruits and vegetables have negative ions. Ionized water has negative
I saw high density negative ion generators. It’s very important that you
put the air that you breathe have a lot of negative ions. I use magnets
extensively. They create a lot of negative ions when you put them next
to your body and that kind of stuff.
When I eat I have a plate magnet that I put my food on and the reason is
that changes everything on that plate to the negative side. Polarizing all
of the minerals that are in it and you are changing the position of the ion
to the negative.
Once again, I think we always make health way too complicated. On
paper we do confuse ourselves with all of these studies. People are
always confused about what is going on. A lot of people will say, “We
don’t have all the answers. There is not really one answer out there.”
That is not true. There is one answer to being healthy and it’s raw fruits
and vegetables. If you try to be healthy with supplements you are not
going to be healthy. When I say supplements I mean extracts and
concentrates, the typical vitamin and mineral supplement that you find
out there.
The medical community is always doing studies. What they do is they
answer some question and invariably they raise some more questions.
That is because they are always coming from the perspective of the
cooked world. They are coming from the perspective of the cooked food
It is just such a mystery why we get sick when the answers are right in
front of our face. Once again, let me just look at the common
denominators. Who gets sick?
Human beings get sick and the animals that we domesticate, not the
animals in the wild. Occasionally Mike, somebody will argue with me
and say, “Those animals they get cancer too but they don’t live long
enough for it to develop.”
Okay I always tell that person, “Could you please send me some
information, some kind of study, a book, or anything scientific to show
me where chronic disease existed in the wild. Animals naturally get
arthritis. They naturally get diabetes. They naturally get cancer. Just
show me some study.”
You know what? Nobody has ever shown that to me. I’ve been promised
that those e-mails would be coming to me. I’ll be a very old man waiting
for those e-mails because I know they are never going to come. Once
again, there is no evidence of chronic disease in the wild.
We make health so complicated when it is very, very simple. It’s not
easy. It’s not always easy to move to a raw food diet. There are some
easy things that you can that you could incorporate into your diet to
make yourself a lot healthier.
If you want to be healthy we should always strive for 100% raw but if
you only make it to 50% that is better than 100% or 80% cooked. If you
make it 60% raw that is even better but whatever you can do. We have
all kind of strived as much as we can if we really want to be healthy but
I want to say it one more time. Health is very simple.
We confuse ourselves by listening to the medical community and to the
pharmaceuticals and all of these guys. All pharmaceuticals ever do is try
to overcome the natural mechanisms of the human body. That’s why
they never work. That’s why they always have side effects. That’s why
they can’t give you a pill and make your diabetes go away.
If you become a diabetic they give you a pill or some kind of medication
or something and then you are on that stuff for the rest of your life.
That’s the way it always is when you are dealing with the premise that
cooked foods are healthy when of course they are not.
(Side note: Water Ionizers are available from Mike Snyder
at or from Bob McCauley at
Mike: There is a PH scale which runs from zero to fourteen where zero is
acidic and fourteen is alkaline and seven is neutral. You wrote that you
drink the water that is around 9.5 to 9.9? How does a high alkalinity
affect our health?
Bob: We are bombarded by acidic activity. What I mean is our cooked foods
are acidic. Stress is very acidic. Even exercise is very acidic. Pollution is
very acidic. That’s why when you get into a stressful situation you get
The classic example is when you say, “I’m going to go out on a big date.
I got up on Friday and I got a pimple. Well, why did you get a pimple?
You say it is coincidence. Well maybe it’s coincidence but every time?
The idea of a big date is psychologically very, very stressful. You are
worried about whether things are going to go right. “What am I going to
do when I pick up the girl?”
It becomes a very stressful situation and your body PH drops and it
opens you up to getting a cold, flu or a pimple. All disease lives in an
acid environment. It will not live or thrive in an alkaline environment.
I’m drinking a gallon to a gallon and a half of ionized water at a PH of
9.5 to 9.9 every day. I’m on 99% raw food diet. I do all of these other
things that are really healthy. I also do some exercises that I call
exercise. Some people call it Chi Gong. Peter Ragner and I are into Chi
It is basically a martial art if you want to call it that. It is kind of like
what they call one of the soft martial arts. It’s basically chi is energy and
gong is work. It’s basically manipulation, you are working with energy.
These are all very alkalizing.
Meditation is very alkalizing for the body. Even with all of the things
that I do I still remain neutral right around 7. That’s where we want to be
at neutral. We don’t want to be too alkaline. The condition of being too
alkaline is known as alkalosis is extremely rare. It is always brought on
by some kind of disease.
The condition of acidosis is extremely common and is brought on
exclusively by life style. All disease comes from diet. We don’t inherit
any of our diseases. When you go into the doctor’s office they are going
to say, “What kind of diseases run in your family?”
That is a ridiculous question. Disease does not run in our family
genetically. It runs in our family’s dietary habits. You have the same
diseases that your mother and father had and that Uncle Frank had and
Aunt Sally had and all of your brother’s and sister’s because you live
under essentially the same diet.
There may be slight variations within that diet and there are other
components. There are other things in there that can make you sick or
that keep you from being sick. There is exercise. If you exercise a lot
you are going to be a much healthier person.
That’s why Sally got sick is that she is a couch potato and doesn’t do
anything and Mary didn’t get sick because she is an athlete and went out
for varsity sports and worked out every single day. There are other
components out there but it is almost impossible to over alkalize your
body if you are on a natural diet.
Just so I get this out there, everything I get out there is natural. I don’t
sell any supplements. People will say that spirulina and chlorella are
supplements. They are not. They are whole foods.
Spirulina and chlorella, consuming those is like eating a banana or
broccoli or any other whole raw food. They are not a bunch of things
that have been put together in something special. They are not anything
anybody invented. They are just whole foods that come from the wild
actually grown in a cultivated environment. I don’t really recommend
that people eat algae that comes from the wild.
The point I want to make is that when you do the things that nature
demands of us. When you go against nature like cooking your food, that
is not natural. I always tell people, “God grew an apple but he didn’t
grow a frying pan. That was our invention.”
When you cook your food that is unnatural. You consume it you are
going to get sick. When you flow with nature and do the things that
nature demands of us which you can see very clearly in The Six
Components of Health you will be very healthy.
Just as an example, all medicine is very unnatural. Pharmaceuticals are
very unnatural. People will say, “Boy, you must argue with doctors and
clash with them!” Not at all because the medical establishment and
medicine is in one direction and health is in an entirely different
I don’t even think about medications other than telling people, “Here is
an alternative.” You don’t have to go to the doctor when you get sick. I
think doctors are great when you get injured. That’s what they are there
for. They help you out with all sorts of injuries or any kind of trauma
situation or if you get injured in any way. That’s what they are there for.
When it comes to chronic disease of any kind, or even viral disease, they
are pretty much worthless. They always say, “Well, we have never cured
a virus.”

They have never cured a single disease, of any kind. Medical
science has cured nothing. They have got some vaccinations that have
prevented people from getting certain viruses such as smallpox and that
kind of stuff.

That is terrific, but you know you would not have to worry about
smallpox or any other viral disease including AIDS if we lived on a raw
food diet and we did the things that I have suggested. Since we don’t we
weaken our immune systems and weaken our bodies with this cooked
foot diet, this pale diet that is know as the cooked food diet.
You know, we require vaccinations and these kinds of things when we
get these terrible epidemics such as smallpox, which is a good example.
But cure a disease? The medical establishment never has cured a disease
nor will they ever cure any disease and everybody is waiting for a cure
for cancer.

I watched television, I watched some very smart guys on some of these
political shows and they were very smart people, you know, PhDs. Then
they write national columns and they are on television all the time. Here
they are telling you the cure for cancer is right around the corner. What
are they talking about? They have no clue.
I mean, the cure for cancer is never going to be found in the medical

The cure for cancer is found in the raw world. If you have cancer, like any other disease, and I say this all the time to people, if you are sick it is because you allow yourself to remain sick.

If you want to be healthy, your body can cure itself of any disease if you stop putting the wrong things in it and start putting the right things into it. That is all it really takes.

The rest of this interview is available in Mike Snyder’s book “The Health Evolution: Getting Started With the Raw Foods Diet” available at

Best Regards,

Mike Snyder

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