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intenSati Closing Thoughts

Posted Feb 09 2010 8:08pm

As you guys knowI participated in the intenSati Warrior Challenge this month. Sunday was the closing ceremony. It was a really inspiring last classand I am so glad that I went. When I got there I hung out with Missy (we did the challenge together).

I am going to lay this out the same way Missy did.

Summary of the closing event:

It was scheduled for 2 hours (1 – 3pm on Sunday). The first 20 minutes or so we mingled around and then we sat down and people shared some of their experiences. I did not have any major life changes during the challengebut I was still happy with it. Some people did though! I loved hearing about all the courageous acts that people attempted. IntenSati has a way of really helping to clean up your life.

Then we did the class. I think it lasted a little bit more than an hour. First Natalia taught her segmentthen Lindsay jumped inand then Patricia did the last part (slow lower body stuff). Patricia actually did the first 2 parts that Natalia and Lindsay taught and I think she realized how hard intenSati is! After the class was over she made a comment about how difficult the workout was. I was impressed.

Some of the closing affirmations were: “I love you I love you I love you I love you” (said to yourself in the mirror); “I bow to the beauty within you”. I do not remember the rest. I really liked the lower body section though – it was all about loving yourself.

Then came the slightly awkward part. We had to find a partner (I picked Missywhich is kind of a cop out). Then we had to do the lower body workout while facing the partner. This was fine. THEN we had to stare into each other’s eyes for a few minutes. It was hard! I never realized how difficult it can be to hold someone’s gaze. I started worrying about whether I looked goofy or Missy thought it was silly; it was actually a really eye-opening experience. I tend to doubt myself and be self-consciousbut I really shouldn’t do that. Afterwards we gave each other a hug and said how much we believed in each other. It was really nice.

Then we had another sharing session and they gave away prizes (I didn’t win anything). The girl who did the most classes did 29 classes in the 30 days. Crazy! She did multiple classes a day sometimes. After the sharing we heard from Laurie of the Handel Groupwhich was very cool. They seem like a great organization.

So here are my pros and cons (not comprehensive at all – just what’s on my mind right now)…

The Good:

  • It is AWESOME to yell positive affirmations 3x a week for an hour. It is a major energy booster.
  • Bobby came with me to a writing workshop and he got a lot out of it!
  • I got to meet a lot of amazing instructors and fellow Warriors.
  • I learned a lot about myself.
  • I started to set goals for myselfand actually started to make plans to get those goals accomplished.

The Bad:

  • I gained 5 pounds. Mini-rant: Yes5 pounds in 1 month. And these are 5 pounds that I DID NOT (and do not) want. 5 pounds more than I am comfortable with. 5 pounds that make my clothes too tight. I do not believe they are 5 pounds of muscle. (This is on top of a few pounds that I gained in December!) It may seem silly that I’m making a big deal about “only” 5 poundsbut it’s really frustrating for me. I’m trying to be okay with it and I keep telling myself that it’ll come off slowly once I get back into my old habits. So I’m going to lose them in a healthy way.
  • I was hungry all the time (and ended up eating way way more than I needed to – and ended up gaining 5 pounds). This would be okay for a normal personbut for the snacker/night-eater that I amit was kind of bad news.
  • My knees hurt (this happened to Missy too). I think all the jumping is a little bit too much for my joints – so I will tone it down when I do intenSati in the future.

One other thing was that I started to exercise too much (not just doing intenSatibut other workouts too). I realized that I probably should not have an Equinox membership if it will make me feel obligated to get to the gym every day to get my money’s worth.

OverallI LOVED my intenSati experience. I can’t wait to take the occasional intenSati class (I’m hoping once a week!). There is another Warrior Challenge coming upso if you are in the New York area and want a free month of EquinoxGO FOR IT! Check out the intenSati website.

I think I am going to get some sleep. I did another class tonight and I’m very tired! I’ve had a really awesome week so far though and I want to keep it up.

What made you happy today? What made me happy was realizing I can choose to be happy any time I want.

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