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InstaFresh Drying Process - Keys to Good Nutrition & Eating Healthy Feast on Organic Whole Food

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:04pm


"Back to Basics" with a Cutting Edge Delivery System

Here's the NEW secret behind REAL whole food-based nutrition.

Now, you can get the quality, quantity, variety, intergrity, and value of delicious organic and naturally-grown
fruits and vegetables from the purest sources possible -
all without chopping, peeling, cooking, or juicing or
relying on yucky "green" drinks or fistfuls of pills.

The SECRET to The FEAST is our proprietary InstaFresh Low-Temperature Drying Process, which
1. Takes newly harvested organic and naturally-grown
fruits, vegetables, greens, berries, nuts, seeds, and sprouts...

2. Makes them into whole food purees and
freshly-pressed 34 degree liquid juice...

3. Turns that juice into a concentrated powder
within 30 seconds with temperatures that
average 65 degrees F and never exceed 100 degrees F
(heat over 100 degrees kills most nutrients and enzymes).

4. All in a timely manner to ensure REAL whole food-based nutrition.

The result? A unique, concentrated whole food-based InstaFresh juice powder that locks in the nutritional value of these fresh, delicious fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

Simply mix this powder with water (or juice) in our unique
URI Shaker Cup and drink it, and you have The Feastthe most beneficial, nutrient-dense and delicious form of
nutrition I've ever experienced.

In fact, every serving of The Feast is made from almost a half pound of the finest fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts,
seeds and sprouts you can find anywhere.

Why do you get REAL whole food-based nutrition with The Feast?

It all starts with the quality of ingredients.

The first reason why the Feast gives you REAL whole food-based nutrition compared to conventionally grown produce is the superior quality of its ingredients.

The Feast provides you with a unique "certified organic" or naturally grown blend of fruits, vegetables, greens, berries, seeds, nuts, and sprouts that are all free of chemical pesticides and other hazardous and toxic products.

Why is this important?
Because organic foods are more nutritious than conventional foods.

In the biggest and most extensive scientific study done to date on organic foods, it was shown that organic potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, cabbage, onions, and lettuce had between 20-40 percent more nutrients than non-organic foods. (, Nov. 18, 2007)

The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine reports that organic crops contain significantly more iron, vitamin C, magnesium and phosphorus, and significantly less nitrates (a toxin) than conventional crops (2001;7;2:161-173).

In addition, reveals that organic foods have higher nutritional levels of health-promoting antioxidants to keep you healthy.

the more ORGANIC fruits and vegetables you eat, the more nutrition you get. REAL whole food-based nutrition.
In my next posting I will continue with another reason why The Feast gives you REAL nutrition as only whole food-based nutrition can.


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