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Inspiring TED Talks!

Posted Aug 30 2013 2:31pm

Have you ever felt that once a while you just lack motivation to do anything and the couch just seem that tempting for you to lay on and do nothing?


To tell the truth, I had. And it wasn’t the greatest feeling because I got sluggish and productivity took a steep dive. Not fun. Plus, it also took time to recover from that state of mind, to really pick myself up off the ground and go again.


Thankfully, I don’t get into that sluggish slump often. I have a bunch of great friends who all carry a very positive attitude and provide much drive for me to move forward. In addition, when friends are not around, reading blogs about other people’s successes helps a bit, and recently I discovered TED talks. I highly recommend checking out the list of   22 Best TED talks on Fitness, Health and Happiness because I think they are just a bundle of knowledge, passion and motivation all in one!


So far my favourite one is Matt Cutts’ experience on trying something new everyday. I just love the concept of pushing limits and going out of the box and enriching life one small piece at a time.


So go through the list and see which video provides the perfect dose of motivation for you on this rainy, gloomy Vancouver day!




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