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Induction? Thats fine

Posted Jul 14 2012 10:21am
Today fifth day of my induction is slowly getting to the end. I feel great, though I haven't found good jogging shoes (that I could afford) yet, so I took my daily dose of activity jumping my rope <3 I've found  this site , that convinced me that it could be one of the most exhilarating workouts as well. According to the site jumping rope workout uses most of major muscles of the body: arms, legs, butt, abs, shoulders, and chest, in fluid moves. And actually it have lot more positives: It’s nice to jump rope indoors. So I could watch TV or listen to music, that takes mind off getting tired. It also prevent Flabby Arm Syndrome :) I think its worth to save this activity for rainy days, when jogging won't be plesure at all.

But getting back to my diet now, this is how it looked - I was eating up to 20g of carbs in daily intake.- I was drinking boatloads of water.- I did not eat grains and legumes.- I've been eating at least one big portion of meat or fish every day.- I enjoyed non-starchy, low in sugar vegetables of any kind. 
- I was eating up to 2 eggs per day. - I was eating some nuts, or coconut flakes in portion not bigger than 20g.  - I was cooking using butter and coconut oil.And here are some meals that I succeed to take photo before they gone in abyss of my growling belly. Just few examples
Breakfasts:- Scrambledd eggs with tomatoes, bacon, dash of pecorino and half small avocado filled with caviar. - Cream cheese and with chocolate mousse (avocado, cocoa, whey protein, erythriol, hazelnut aroma). 

Lunch&Dinner ideas:- Beef meatballs with sun dried tomatoes and pecorino.- Low carb lasagne (ground beef 10% fat, canned tomatoes, 16% cheese, butter yeast flakes, mild cheesee sauce and pasta replaced with egg crepes).
- Low carb burger with jalapeno, cheddar, mayo, tomatoes and red onion served in lettuce leaves.Yum!
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