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In The News: What The TV Food and Health Experts Eat

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:55pm
The February 2008 issue of Out Magazine has a short feature detailing what Work Out 's Jackie Warner, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 's Ted Allen, and Food Network's Sandra Lee eat (per their 2-day food diaries).

Coleen De Vol, a nutrition consultant -- though not a registered dietitian -- comments.

Jackie, she of the eight-pack and blonde 'do, starts her day off with a protein shake made of whey, flaxseed oil, amino acids, miracle greens, and frozen berries.

Day 1 has a mid-morning snack of oatmeal (I am assuming unsweetened), while Day 2 includes an apple and one slice of lean turkey meat.

While the protein shake includes fiber and fruits, I don't think the amino acids are necessary, particularly since she is eating a balanced diet with complete proteins.

I would also add some solid food to accompany it
, since liquid calories do not satiate as well as "real" food.

Jackie's lunch and dinner include whole grains like quinoa, plenty of vegetables like broccoli, and healthy proteins like salmon and tuna. Perfect!

Incredibly, the nutrition consultant claims Jackie needs more protein in her diet due to her heavy workouts. I disagree -- she is getting more than enough for her body weight , even taking into account her level of physical activity.

I do concur with the consultant that Jackie needs more calcium in her diet. And, while the consultant also notes that Jackie's eating regimen seems rigid, it does include great-tasting healthy food. If she doesn't feel deprived, all seems OK to me.

Ted Allen, meanwhile, starts off his day with coffee, orange juice, and refined carbohydrates.

While I don't agree with the consultant's notion that Ted's breakfast is too acidic (there is no mention of him having any medical conditions that would render this problematic), I do agree that his meals are lacking fiber (one day is very heavy on full-fat dairy and protein and completely free of whole grains and legumes).

Sandra Lee, meanwhile, is chastised for enjoying a vanilla soy latte. The consultant claims "the highly processed form of soy Sandy is drinking every morning is a common allergen." I don't find anything wrong with enjoying a half cup of soy milk in your coffee every day.

The consultant also claims that soymilk is usually genetically modified, which I do not think is an accurate statements. Popular mainstream brands like Silk are made from non genetically-modified soybeans, for example.

Sandra's diet is alarmingly low on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In fact, Day 1 only includes two vegetables -- the tomatoes and onions she throws into a pasta dish. Day 2, meanwhile, includes French fries for lunch AND dinner -- and it's the only vegetable she's eating!

I always find it fascinating to know what others eat, particularly people in the culinary and nutrition fields.

Sadly, I feel like this article once again polarizes "foodies" vs. "healthy eaters."
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