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In The News: Dieting, 2008 Style

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:55pm
As this New York Times article explains, some of the latest diet advertisements and campaigns were launched minutes into the new year.

The Special K line -- one of my least favorites -- spent a good penny on expensive billboards in New York City's Times Square.

Not only are most of their products very artificial tasting (especially the snack/meal replacement bars), I find the entire campaign to be misleading and irresponsibly branded.

Kellogg's wants consumers to believe that its Special K cereals are the magic solution to weight loss. In reality, their "drop ten pounds by eating our cereal" campaign is all about reducing calories (instead of a standard 500 calorie lunch, eat a 180 calorie bowl of cereal).

I side with the Weight Watchers folks. Per the article:

"The campaign’s tagline, “Stop Dieting. Start Living,” is meant to emphasize a more sensible approach to weight loss than the ever popular crash diet. The print ads, with headlines like “Go on a Diet Diet” and “Di*t,” will run through the first quarter of 2008 in publications ranging from entertainment magazines to Time and Newsweek.

Cheryl Callan, the director for marketing of Weight Watchers, said the company wants potential customers to “think in terms of a really successful path through a change in lifestyle and not through dieting.”

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see what new diet products, fads, and trends will come our way this year.

2008 hasn't started off on the best foot.

January 1 saw the release of Kellogg's mixed berry protein water. Not only is protein consumed in excessive amounts in the United States; it also adds unnecessary calories to a product that naturally contains zero.

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