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In New York Jan. 6, 2007? The Shops at Columbus Circle in New York City Announces My Book Signing & Reading at Border's Book

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:12pm

If you live in New York City or in the nearby tri-state area or if you plan to visit The Big Apple in early January, mark your calendars for Sat., Jan. 6, because as I mentioned earlier, that day I will doing a book signing and reading for SUGAR SHOCK! at Border's Books and Music at Time Warner Center.

Learn now about my book signing and reading from the events calendar for The Shops at Columbus Circle in New York City. By the way, this particular Border's Books and Music is one awesome place -- it's like the creme de la creme as far as bookstores go.

Also, please note that there are two minor changes to this announcement.

  • This event on Jan. 6 will be both a book signing and reading, not just a book signing.
  • My book signing and reading will begin an hour earlier than stated -- at 4 p.m., not 5 p.m.

The Book Reading

During the reading portion of the program, you'll get to hear me read (what I hope you'll find to be my) engaging, entertaining, breezy Chapter 1, entitled "Connie's Story: Confessions of the `Sugar Shrew No More!' and How I Chanced upon the Scary Sugar Truth."

As the beginning of my talk, you'll hear me poke fun of myself for my horribly embarrassing, off-the-wall, sugar-induced antics and I'll invite the audience to join in the laugh-at-ourselves fun. (I'll even come bearing cartoons.)

Then, I'll read from Chapter 1, which begins as my boyfriend Mark and I are dining out, and -- while it's supposed to be a celebration of our relationship -- my mind wanders to, I'm mortified to reveal, chocolate mousse! (Darn, it smelled good that night back in 1998!)

From there, in Chapter 1, I actually trot out the skeletons in my closet and even let them dance(!), because I then reveal how -- as I later learned -- that my sugar overloading wreaked havoc on my health, relationship, and moods. You even get to hear read a list of my 44 symptoms! (I can't remmeber them all -- there were so many!) The fast-moving chapter concludes as I introduce listeners/readers to the term, SUGAR SHOCK! You'll learn how millions of Americans are now suffering from this devastating problem, but you'll also find out that there's a way out of it.

The New Start-Up Time for My Book Signing/Reading

As mentioned earlier, my book signing and reading will begin at 4 p.m., an hour earlier than stated in the Columbus Circle events calendar.

Here's why we moved it up: The reason for the earlier starting time is so that many wonderful friends, colleagues, and nutrition-hungry folks attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition upstairs at the Jazz Club can just hop the escalator or elevator and come to my book signing when class gets out at 4 p.m.

Full disclosure here: I'm partial to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ("IIN" for short), because I studied with this remarkable school earlier this year and graduated in June. If you're interested in health, wellness, nutrition, and having a better life, I heartily recommend that you think about attending

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