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In food combining can you mix a fat with a protein or a fat with a starch? What about cottage cheese?

Posted by Leslie

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Yes, fats love to go along with proteins.  That is how they are best assilimilated into the body and the energy cycle.  However, when considering carbs and proteins, just watch your fruit and animal protein mixing.  These require different enzymes.  Best to wait on the fruit for atleast 30 minutes after animal protein. 

 The balanced meal is the best and will leave YOU feeling balanced.  Clean lean proteins, low starch carbs,starchy carbs, healthy fats and some super foods to top it off and you are on your way!


I am not exactly sure what you are asking - if you are refering to food combining diets - my person opinion is that they are bogus. 

It is important to eat a balanced diet complete with complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats and the proper proportions.  You should have a combination of all these foods within a meal and throughout the day.

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