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Immune Boosting Foods.

Posted Oct 31 2009 12:40pm

The Flu scare sure has spooked us all more than ever this season.Besides the preventive measures such as getting the flu shot, washing hands often ,disinfecting and avoiding contact with sick people be sure to consume nutrient rich foods to build a good defense against infections.

Eating from variety of fresh fruits and vegetables builds strong immune system.With flu season in full swing,it becomes all the more essential to make that right choice.Here are the important nutrients and good foods proven to build a strong defense against the infections and diseases.

*Beside the juicy oranges ,vegetables like broccoli, kale,peppers,tomatoes, berries,peaches and apples are good sources of Vitamin C.

* Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids together are also essential for boosting the immunity.Almonds,dark leafy greens,broccoli and tomatoes are common foods rich in vitamin E.Flax oil,Extra virgin olive oil and fish like salmon are rich in omega-3.

*Minerals Zinc and Selenium are need in just the right quantities to build immunity.Wheat germ,wheat bran ,nuts like cashews,pine nuts and pecans are rich in zinc.Mushrooms,chicken and seafood like shrimp ,salmon and tuna is rich in selenium.

* Spices like fresh garlic and ginger ,dry spices like turmeric ,cumin ,coriander and cinnamon are wonderful immune enhancers.

* Flavonoids and probiotics are becoming ever so popular for building strong body defense.Yogurts with live cultures are best source of probiotics.Flavonoids are present in foods like Cocoa,Dark leafy greens, beans and fresh cranberries.

* Cartenoids like beta-carotene found in Sweet potatoes,carrots and dark leafy greens are also counted as immune boosters.

No wonder Vegetable Chicken Soup always works to rejuvinate bodies defenses during an episode of flu,for it has the immune boosting foods.

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