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If you've gotta have your bread...

Posted by Tamar F.

Sometimes on these low carb diets, you just go crazy for the texture and satiety of bread. But after all the hard work you’ve undergone, don’t blow it with a big sandwich! May I suggest to you an old Maryland delicacy, the beaten biscuit? They are little donut hole sized hard biscuits, made with lard. No, they’re not the healthiest thing in the cupboard. But they are such tough little critters, with such a rich flavor, you really only need one, I swear! You can heat them up in the oven for a minute or wrap them up in a paper towel to microwave for 15 seconds. This really brings out the flavor.

Since they are a form of “hardtack”, they don’t really get moldy – perfect for traveling. You see them served a lot at fancy weddings here as hors d’oevres, with a tiny piece of Smithfield ham and asparagus tip. To buy them out of state, check out

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I am not necessarily on a low-carb diet. I just try to avoid refined sugar, baked goods which digest into sugar. Sprouted grain breads are more for my liking. But, I am sure if I was at a wedding I would try a beaten biscuit. All the way from Maryland -- Wow!
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