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If you get painfully cold hands and feet this is for you…

Posted Dec 10 2013 3:00am

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had cold hands and feet.  My Nana used to say ‘if you have warm feet you’ll be warm all over’ – not sure quite how true that is, but it certainly makes a difference when you hands and feet are toasty warm! Occasionally I do get a kind of low level , but not as severe as some people I know. I also noticed a big difference as I gained weight back from when I was at my smallest. 

To try and combat it, I’ve tried different kinds of gloves – especially for when I was running as I used to be in agony! I’ve also tried those gel hand warmers, but to be honest they have always been rubbish when I have tried to use them, so I was very interested in finding out more about these new HotHands Hand Warmers:


They are air activated and come in a handy plastic packet. You only get one use out of them, but unlike some gel hand warmers – these work! I really love these, I am so glad I found about about them now before any snow hits – I’ll be carrying them in my bag for cold emergencies! I also tried the insole foot warmers:


These are also brilliant. I was in a work meeting in a stupidly cold office last week, so I discreetly popped these inside my boots and they made me feel so much more comfortable. Maybe my Nana was right! They certainly helped get rid of that ‘chilled to the bone’ feeling.

I was also impressed that they stayed in place within my shoes quite well. I can’t say if they stay warm for that whole 9 hours as I never used them for that long, but they certainly stayed warm for well over a couple of hours which is long enough for most of us I think. As well as runners, these would be great for anyone working outdoors in the winter, also for walkers too.

In addition to the hand and feet warmers I have also tried some relaxing eye packs:


These also work so well, I’ve been popping them on before bed to help me relax. I can see how they could be great if you suffered from headaches too!

IMG 0880

HotHands products are sold by . You can buy a pack of 3 warming eye packs from for £4.99 via their website and in larger Boots stores in the sleep / relaxation section. The HotHands hand and feet warmers are also available from Boots, as well as Tesco and Morrison’s for £1 a pair. 

Do you suffer from cold hands and feet? What do you do to try and keep them warm?

*post sponsored by Kobayashi Healthcare, all content and opinions are my own. Seriously these rock. 

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