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Icy Monday and what’s in YOUR pantry?

Posted Jan 11 2010 5:42am

Good Morning bloggies! I had a surprise last night and learned that school is out today again for my 3 kids. We live in a huge county, and part of that county is so far north in the state of Georgia that apparently they still have ice up in the mountains. So the whole county is out of school again. Amazing! All of you bloggies up north are probably cracking up! ;) It’s going to be 40 degrees today, so I’m assuming that they will be back to school tomorrow.

This mornings breakfast and first day without any natural sweeteners in a while but …I use Stevia in my coffee, I’m not going to give that up. ;)

And to eat: something a little different,

Ezekial Muffin, 2 egg whites, shaved real parmesan cheese, and Cholula Hot Sauce.

Yesterday was a good day with food and otherwise. I promise to start shaking things up and eating different things today. So I apologize for all of the repeats that you are going to see, with the exception of dinner.

I had some more homemade trail mix (I am just all about this, it is sooo easy to make and eat):

I went to the gym (more about that later!) and had a protein shake after my workout:

Sorry about the stock photo ;) My shake yesterday had chocolate protein powder, unsweetened cocoa, maca root, banana, oatmeal, water and ice. And was probably the same thing as the picture. (I’m a creature of habit ;) )

Then I went to SBux with my GF Colleen and we discussed many things including exercises, figure competitions, and food where I had yet another Grande Non-fat Latte: (but not the banana)

And a picture of Colleen and myself from The Girls 2009 Christmas Party:

I had made dinner hours earlier, before I went to the gym, and it simmered on the stove while I was gone to workout and to the grocery store.  Dinner was adobo pork, (umm, not completely clean, has sugar, but homemade, so no preservatives!) brown rice with real parmesan cheese, and carrots with acorn squash baked in the oven:

The pork was absolutely divine. So savory! The veggies and rice with a bit of cheese were the perfect clean compliment.

Later, I had some of this tea that I hadn’t opened during the holidays:

It was, at the very least, interestingly flavored.  It kind of smelled like a sugar cookie.  It kind of smelled like orange.  It wasn’t terrible, but it was…strange!  I don’t know if I will be partaking in this tea again.  The jury is still out ;)

I’m excited because I got my newest Oxygen Magazine in the mail today, and it’s all about ABS:

800 workouts to choose from? I’m all over that.  I’m also all over the sexy arms section, too! Summer isn’t too far away in starts getting warm at the end of March!

I also got some additional reading material while I picked up some essentials at the grocery store:

I need to re-order this, it is an invaluable resource when I am running!  I also got this:

(Another invaluable resource, LOL)

I also picked up some other items: shredded coconut, Braggs Aminos, oranges, the above pictured acorn squash and carrots, Fage 2% Yogurt with Honey, brown rice, Havarti cheese, and some other things.

So let’s talk about the pantry.  I have my own shelf in the pantry ;)   All of my clean eating supplies are on the bottom shelf, and the rest of the pantry is, well, not so clean.  The sweets and such are above where the kids can reach, and “Lauzon’s Bar”  is on the top shelf :)   It’s kind of a mess, so please don’t judge:

The above picture is of the entire area.  The next few are of the healthy shelf only, as that is what we are most concerned about:

Raisins, honey, cacao nibs, 5 grain cereal, protein powders…

Oats, coconut oil, rice vinegar,

Honeyville Red Wheat Berries, natural peanut butter, agave nectar, coconut water, maca root,

and that basket behind the agave nectar has nuts and flours and grains in it.

So the question of the day is: What’s in your pantry?? Let’s see if we can’t substitute some of the unclean foods for clean!

Have a great Monday!

Jessica xoxo

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