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Ice Cream and Bob Greene

Posted Aug 13 2009 6:45pm

The “Ice Cream Social” at JP Licks was fun! :mrgreen:

We had a fairly small group, but it was wonderful to meet some new bloggers and readers! And, I finally got to meet Heather and Mark in person! They’re great! :-D


After a few minutes of introductions and chatting, we got down to business! The line at JP Licks moved right along, so before I knew it, I had to make a snap decision.



I went with my fav flavor: Coffee Oreo! :mrgreen:


Mark was our designated photographer and kindly snapped a photo on each of our cameras. Kath snapped a pic of Mark as he was taking a shot with my camera! Blogger in action!


Isn’t Sammie’s son, Declan, adorable? He’s such a happy kid!


Call with Bob Greene

After enjoying our ice cream, Kath and I jumped on a conference call with Bob Greene. Bob Greene has teamed up with Barilla for the “That’s Whole Grain” Taste Challenge. As a way to get the word out about the Challenge, Bob volunteered to participate in an informal Q & A session with some food and health bloggers. Each of the bloggers on the conference call asked Bob 2 questions about anything related to health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, or the Barilla Challenge.

My first question for Bob was about ways to “squeeze” more exercise into my very busy life. Bob’s response really resonated with me. He started by telling me to change my thinking and perspective about exercise. I shouldn’t try to “squeeze in” exercise– I should make it a priority in my life. And I totally agree with Bob! I do need to make exercise a priority in my life once again. I’ve been seriously slacking!

For my second question, I asked Bob if yoga “counted” towards one’s strength training requirement. His response: “it absolutely does!” He further explained that the more vigorous the yoga, the more strength benefits you will gain. Basically, for whatever type of strength training you do, you just need to make sure that you are challenging your muscles. So, for instance, lifting a 5 lb. dumbbell for 15 reps and not fatiguing your muscles is not adequate strength training. You should be lifting a weight that challenges your muscles after just 8-10 reps. I’m so happy that Bob cleared this up for me!


After our conference call, we strolled down Comm. Ave. before heading back to the hotel. I stopped for a pic with Lucy Stone.


Jenna, Heather, Kath and I are meeting for a pre-dinner cocktail in about an hour. Caitlin and Meghann are scheduled to arrive just in time for dinner, and I am definitely looking forward to finally meeting them!

Many thanks to the ladies (and D) who came to meet us at JP Licks! It was nice meeting each of you, and hopefully, we can chat more this weekend!

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