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iam overweight and crave sugar salt and carbs all the time..HELP!!!!!!!!

Posted by sproutie

I Want to know why i crave all these things all the time....alil bit about myself..iam hormonal and have pcos...i have been told by drs that carbs affect me like iam allergic to them , and bloat really bad...but i crave them all the time....honestly i weigh like 260 and iam sick and tired of it.

is my body craving vitamins or minerals or something??? and because i dont know what my body needs i go for what it wants???

i really  would like to know cuz iam tired of being overweight, tired of feeling tired and low energy because i feed my body crap all the time.

how do i get off the carb wagon, but still give my body what it needs with good carbs???

if anybody can enlighten me i would totally appreciate it.

thanks so much:)

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Sproutie,  You are so close to solving your problem because you can already sense what is going on in your body.  Being aware of your body's responses to foods, etc is the first step to getting it under control.

My philosophy on cravings is to bring the body back to its natural balance and cravings vanish.  Then, you can start to crave things like fruits and vegetables.Balance throughout the body is essential in order to lose weight or achieve any health and wellness goals.

First, you need carbs, but they have to be the good kind, complex carbs from things like fruits and vegetables or other high fiber foods.  These last longer and satisfy hunger in a healthy way.  Your diet should be at least 50% complex carbs.  Avoid simple carbs, though, from things like bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, candy, and soft drinks.  These are your biggest enemies.

Second, to reach a healthy balance throughout your body, you need to cleanse the liver and kidneys with the proper detoxifying drinks.  We prefer concentrated herbal teas that work with the body's natural cleansing processes.  

This detoxification and metabolization of fats and toxins around the liver is the first step to weight loss.  You need to get that stuff moving first, so that initially your water weight is eliminated.  This is the way to lose that first 30 pounds, quickly, by taking in good, healthy water and flushing out the waste. 

Third, you need to nourish the body with the highest quality nutrients that have the lowest calorie count.  NuPlus is an amazing tool for this and it has actually been recommended in books about drug addictions to help curb cravings.  It feeds the body on a cellular level so that you are satisfied without feeling full or tired, the way so many people feel after a big meal.

When  you nourish and cleanse the body this way on a DAILY basis, results come quickly and your life can change forever.  The formula is Nourish + Cleanse = Balance.

Check out my own natural weight loss plan that helped me lose 30 pounds in 30 days and keep it off for good.  Here's the link:  

Well, I guess the link is not showing up here, so visit and click on the Natural Weight Loss Plan.

I just posted a great infograhpic that shows you how carbs are affecting you, and why they are affecting you that way,physiologically. I love infographics, because they take you step by step through the info so that it is so easy to understand. Please check it out. 


Cliff gave a great answer. To that I would add - don't eliminate all carbs, or you'll relapse right into a carb binge.  But balance is key.  Check out the infographic, you won't regret it - I have it as a poster on my office wall. 

You're on the right path! Your body is starving for nutrients, which are lost when you consume refined carbs and processed suagry treats. You need a good quality multi vitamin/mineral, add more fibre to your diet and drink lots of water.


Good luck! 

Hi thanks for the question! Here are some strategies that we think may help.

  Start by decreasing the amount of sugar in your diet gradually. For instance, start adding less sugar to your coffee or tea.

If you having really strong cravings for sweets, give yourself a small treat per day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so start it off with a balanced breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead you to crave carb later in the day

Don't skip any meals. This will help to regulate your blood sugar and other hormones

Out of sight can keep it out of your mouth. Don’t keeping sugary foods around the house, replace them with healthy foods like grapes, popcorn or almonds

Pay attention to your serving sizes. You can eat one cookie but not the whole box.

Don't deny yourself favorite foods, enjoy all foods in moderation.

As for Sodium, it is a part of processed and restaurant foods cut. Be sure to read labels and choose the product lower in sodium, and ask for lower sodium options while dining out. Cutting down your sodium intake each day may help you lessen your cravings.

Hope this helps. If you need more help let us know.

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