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I want to reduce body cholesterol and HDL , what diet schedule should I follow?

Posted by vijay

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Hello Vijay,

 First of all HDL is your good cholesterol and that is the cholesterol that is protective.  Usually it is the LDL that you need to decrease due to it's potential health implications.

 Reducing cholesterol is different for everyone depending you personal biochemistry AND what is driving your cholesterol to be high in the first place.


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If you are eating your 5-9 garden fresh vegetables and fruit per day and switching to whole grains instead of white flour breads and pasta's and choosing brown rice over white rice. If you cut out those white sugar foods and drinks with high fructose corn syrup and food colors.  If you choose to eat more protein sources from beans, fish and chicken.  Well that will keep you busy enough with and nice healthy high fiber diet and you will not have to worry a thing about your cholesterol numbers!  Mix that up with more physical activity than what you have been doing and it will be fine!  Do it!  AND drink good water with fresh lemon in it daily instead of the soda's!  You won't have to worry about how much either. Eat until you are Full.
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