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I've gone back and forth between vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism for years. After developing hypo-thyroid and hashimotos my

Posted Mar 11 2010 10:47am

I used to take CLA, back in the days when I would try basically anything to lose weight. I don’t remember if it did anything for me or not (I’m guessing not), but my current philosophy is: the fewer supplements you take/the more nutrients you can get from actual food, the better. Like you said, CLA is somewhat controversial, but most of the research I came across is fairly positive.

There are two reasons why I’m wary of CLA:

1) It’s mostly comprised of a slightly altered form of omega-6 fatty acids, and we already get too much omega-6 .

2) In general, I’m hesitant to ingest supplements because we just don’t know how everything works together yet. Consuming the desired nutrient in the context of whole foods seems like a safer bet. You can also get CLA from (grass-fed) beef, lamb, and milk fat.

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