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I try and eat like Michael Pollan suggests (mostly plants yay!), but I'm lactose and tolerant :( WEH.
I eat soy-yogurt 2-

Posted Feb 11 2010 7:29am

Short answer? Unfortunatelynot really. I try to avoid processed soy when I canmostly because they’re in everything (read this article for more info).

In the past yearI’ve switched to almond milk and coconut yogurt/ice cream as my dairy replacers. I still eat regular dairyit’s just often hard to find the good stuff. You can even make your own almond milk to make sure there aren’t weird ingredients!

All that saidif you love the taste of the soy stuff and don’t eat it too oftenI don’t think you should stress about it if the rest of your diet consists of more “whole” foods.

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