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I Scream/You Scream - at the Scale!

Posted by C.L. R.

Ah, summer. Although it does make us start to consider the shape are bodies are in thanks to the skimpy clothing the heat forces us to parade around in, it also does us do something crazy. Eat ice-cream. Like it was going out of style. There's really nothing wrong with ice-cream, per se. If you step up to an ice-cream counter, order and are suddenly, happily licking a cone. It's only when you are at home, taking same style of ice-cream out of said freezer and turn over the container to discover - 18 grams of fat per serving?! For a HALF CUP?! Oh, yes, people. Ice-cream is not something to be toyed with. Choose wisely, choose carefully, choose fat-free or sherbert. Also, keep in mind that there are several brands available that offer non-dairy options that sometimes lead to more fiber and protein. You don't have to deprive yourself this summer season. Just do your research. There's plenty of ice-cream for everyone.
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