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I need a eating plan for low blood pressure, please.

Posted by Esme

I feel tired all the time, i do try and eat a healthy diet. I feel dizzy most of the time and i get headaches aswell.


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I know how you feel. I have low BP as well. Are you sure that you are tired due to your low blood pressure? It could be a different as well. However, it is very beneficial for us to exercise all the time. When we do, our circulation improves and therefore the BP is better. Get plenty of rest and a lot of water helps. As far ad the's hard to list of foods for people specifically like us. I was told to "eat as healthy as I can" meaning, little portion of protein, lots of fruit and veggies and nuts. Buy organic whenever possible. Cranberry lowers BP, so be careful with that. Also, salt and caffeine rise BP, but not good for you, so limit to 1 cup of coffee a day in the morning (if you love it and crave it)

Good luck. 

Thank you for the info Patricia. I thought that Esme was wondering what diet to follow if she has LOW blood pressure, and is tired and dizzy.
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