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I’m lazy when I’m lovin’, I’m lazy when I play

Posted Oct 19 2009 10:05pm

I can only think of two things that were lazier than Bobby and I were today.

Our two fats cats. (Cous and Bo = Couscous and Kabocha.) Oops, look at those dirty socks on the floor.

I did actually manage to give Bobby a haircut, so maybe the day wasn’t so unproductive after all. He’s playing some xbox game here. It has something to do with Japan. Sometimes I "help" him play by watching out for the red dots (those are the enemies) and pointing excitedly. I think I did a good job on the hair; this was my second time cutting it for him.

I also did an easy walk on the treadmill tonight (1.8 miles, 3% incline) while Bobby ran and lifted. When we came back inside I did some nice stretching exercises inspired by Diane von Furstenberg (more on that later).

For dinner I had my two favorite foods: fluffy waffles with butter and real maple syrup, and kabocha. The recipe for the waffles is HERE. I made it fattier by using egg yolks instead of applesauce and kefir instead of milk. Bobby did his own thing and went for rice and chicken. I like breakfast for dinner.

I just steamed the kabocha and stuck it in the freezer to cool. All together now.

With these goodies, I had a bit of fluffy bread that Bobby bought yesterday. There were several unnecessary persimmons afterwards. Who am I kidding, persimmons are always necessary. This afternoon I discovered that they are especially delicious with almond butter. You should try it.

Did you have a lazy Sunday?

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